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    How to quickly install a new version of the Translator

    If you already have an installation of sseTranslator, you might want to be able to update it easily when a new version comes out.

    Fortunately, all preferences and user files are generated on runtime, this means: you can overwrite your installation with the new version without losing your settings. This can be achieved very easily if you have a zipmanager (like winzip or 7zip) but also directly with windows.

    Just open the folder where is installed the folder of your translator, then put your new zip next to it.

    Then double click on the zip file.
    You will get a new windows (if you have a zip manager it will be the manager' window, otherwise it's a Windows explorer's one.

    Then left-click (once) to pick the  _xTranslator folder in this new window, and drag & drop it in the folder where your old version is installed.
    Accept to overwrite everything:

    You can now delete the zip file (or archive it you want to do so)

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