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Your all-in-one solution to modding Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch!

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Modding comes to Nintendo Switch

This page and Wiki are yet to be done. Please consult the Discord server here for help using this tool.

External Tools and Credits

There are several external tools that are used by the scripts to get things done.
There are further external tools that the toolkit will attempt to download if you don't have them in the 'Utilities' directory, or that you must source yourself. These tools are:

  • It won’t convert skeleton and skeleton_female files. Get them from XPMS Switch version on Nexus
  • It won’t convert files in behaviors folders. Only occurrence I found in all SSE mods so far were in USSEP and FNIS. You can fish 32 bit equivalent
  • FNIS based mods can regenerate their behavior files in 32 bit by using the “Generate Behavior for Modders” tool included in FNIS oldrim