Skyrim - ASCENSYON Ep89 The King The Girl and The Dragon - Season Ending Finale by gothic
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AVStoryteller's Skyrim - ASCENSYON Ep89
"The King The Girl and The Dragon - Season Ending Finale"

Hi Everyone!

Join the Adventures of Raimyr, Inigo, Zora and Aurlyn, as we Battle Evil and bring Peace to Skyrim!

In this Episode:
- We lay down the Horn!
- Inigo can tell when a Stone is broken!
- Zora contemplates the worse!
- We Negotiates Like a Boss!
- Raimyr gives Delphine a piece of his mind!
 and she definitely loses the "With Us OR Against Us!" Battle!

My BLIND play through of the Elderscrolls - Skyrim:

Key mods used in this playthrough:
Aurlyn Dawnstone by mlee3141 and darkrougue21
Lilium Follower (Appearance of my Aurlyn Dawnstone) - maymay1588
Screenshot Assist - (very useful for High Hrothgar Peace Council) - ARAKURE
INIGO - Smartbluecat
Interesting Npcs / 3D NPCs (Zora Fair-Child) - kristakahashi
Savior's Hide Armour - echo 1162
Guess the Distance - Ecceau
Equipable Dunmer Lanterns - dloader
ESO ALtmer Armour by Nevermind43 RELOAD - using Mur4s4me ALT Textures - newermind43
Ursine Armour -
AEterna Circlets -aeterna826

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This video showcases 9 files

  • 78,246

    AEterna Circlets
    AEterna Circlets
    by aeterna826
  • 3,019,101

    Interesting NPCs
    Interesting NPCs
    by kristakahashi
  • 269,556

    Ancient Nord Armor and Saviors Hide CBBEv3 Echo
    Ancient Nord Armor and...
    by echo 1162
  • 76,738

    Guess the Distance - Perceptive Scouting
    Guess the Distance - P...
    by Ecceau
  • 5,608

    Equipable Dunmer Lantern
    Equipable Dunmer Lante...
    by dloader
  • 31,074

    ScreenShot Assist
    ScreenShot Assist
    by ARAKURE
  • 85,765

    Lilium Follower - Standalone - New Spells w Custom Armor and Weapons
    Lilium Follower - Stan...
    by maymay1588
  • 736,983

    by Smartbluecat
  • 124,395

    ESO Altmer Armor by NewerMind43 RELOAD
    ESO Altmer Armor by Ne...
    by newermind43

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