Skyrim ENB Mods 5 - Phinix Natural ENB

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  1. Sundog9
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    Gopher! Love the viddy as usual and thank you. I always learn something from the play-alongs you post and the gleaning is always beneficial. You mentioned that you had upgraded to a GTX 780. I am curious, brother, are you using the 780 or the 780ti and if so then SLI or not? Please and thank you, may I have some more eggiwegs and steaky-wakes nao plox?
  2. xPatosonx
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    Thanks for showing me my new favourite ENB!
  3. phinix
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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I too have always enjoyed your videos. Make sure you grab the latest version, as I've made some improvements since the one I see in the video. Most is spot on, but the nights are a bit darker I think now as well as a lot of weather tweaks. Hard to tell from youtube sometimes.

    I see you linked Further Dark Dungeon in the post. This should no longer be needed, and even if you are looking to make things a bit darker there are better ways. However, I left my old PNENB_interiors plugin up in the optional files section which does basically the same thing Further Dark Dungeons does but for more places (basically everything.)

    For most people though, the included PNENB_fixes should be enough, since it corrects the major issue with ENB where world wall colors will invert. PNENB_interiors contains the PNENB_fixes stuff as well but again, I really do not recommend using it with the latest PNENB since the shader changes I have made no longer benefit from it much and it may conflict with mods like CoT, ELFX, RLO, etc. PNENB_fixes will not conflict with anything.

    Thanks again for the feature!
  4. Sakichy
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    Thank you Gopher for a once again very well-made video!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos, been watching them like mad since I started playing Skyrim back in November, some of them I watched multiple times. They are very professionally shot, the sound is professional, you have a gift of explaining & showcasing things very well, and I also love listening to your voice, a little like a fairytale teller, so soothing

    I definitely look forward to more ENB videos from you, a LOT! Hope to see more soon