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This mod edits the candlelight and magelight spells to have the exact same lighting as torches, while making the bright white mesh orbs invisible. It also changes the inventory art as well as the lighting effects while equipped and casting.

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I've never liked the Candlelight or Magelight Spells.  The bright white light was always harsh, and the floating orbs were obnoxious to me.  So much that I would rather carry a torch than cast these spells.

Today I decided to knock this one off my list.

The first thing I did was edit the Candlelight and Magelight spells to have the exact same lighting as torches.  This includes the range (900), the color (252, 158, 65), the flickering (not really noticeable at all) and all the rest.

I noticed the spell in the hands was still white, and the obnoxious white orbs still existed.  So I dug through and found every little piece.  

I've adjusted the meshes to be invisible, all of the lights to match the new torchlight color, and I created new records and meshes for the spells to look to, because the original records and meshes are used by multiple sources.  We wouldn't want to mess with Meridia ;)

Aside from the coloration, I have left the spells in their vanilla state.  If you use mods that adjust the candlelight and magelight spells (like I do), you will need to create patches for this to work perfectly in your game.  Any and all people are free to patch, edit, and reconfigure this mod to their liking and upload their results.  Although please credit me, this took an entire day ;)