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Here is my custom settings for Pluto's fantastic mod "Realistic Lighting With Customization".
Those settings are for people who like dark places (dungeons and ruins), using their torches and light spells.

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Psychosteve's Custom Realistic Lighting | V 1.1

Here is my custom settings for Pluto 's fantastic Realistic Lighting With Customization mod.

Those settings are for people who like dark places (dungeons and ruins), using their

torches and light spells. Those settings are for the 3.4 version of the mod. (v3.31 RL compatible

settings are still avaliable).

Enjoy !!

What's in the box ??

  • 1 Realistic Lighting Patcher.esp file (tweeked with my settings)
  • 1 RealisticLighting.ini file (my settings for you to edit if you need)
  • 1 sharpness FXAA injector add-on (optional)


You will need to install the original Realistic Lighting With Customization mod before.

IMPORTANT : Realistic Lighting.esp MUST BE LOADED BEFORE Realistic Lighting Patcher.esp.

You will have to change the mods' loading order using Nexus Mod Manager AND in the skyrim

launcher's mod list

Main install :
  • Use Nexus Mod Manager to install my mod.
  • OR
  • Copy my Realistic Lighting Patcher.esp from the Data folder
  • Paste it in your Skyrim/Data game folder (replace the file if needed)
  • Put your brightness option ingame to "0" (full left) for a better experience

Options :

you can install those mods to enhace this cutom configuration :

+ FXAA Sharpness profil injector :
  • install the Post_Process_Injector_1_3
  • choose preset 01 during this install
  • copy my injFX_Settings.h file from the Sharpen Effect [optional] folder
  • paste it into your Skyrim game root folder
  • replace the file if needed
  • + Torches for Realistic Lighting mod :

    you can also install the Torches for Realistic Lighting mod by Monophonotronic to have a
    better brightness and radius with your torches.

    + Enhanced lights and FX mod :

    For a better experience and lighting immersion you can also install Enhanced lights and FX .

  • Just uninstall the mod with Nexus Mod Manager
  • OR
  • Manually delete the Realistic Lighting Patcher.esp from your Data game folder

Need help making your own custom effects ?

Here is a list of different places to go. That will help you tweek the RealisticLighting.ini file

like you want and find better balanced effects. Those places are really differents from one to

another (colors, lights...) :

Interiors :
  • Breezhome (whiterun) => warm lights / small room
  • The Bannered Mare (Whiterun) => warm lights / large room
  • The Winking Skeever (Solitude) => red ambiant lights

Dungeons :
  • Embershard mine (west of Riverwood) => red / blue ambiant lights
  • Forelhost Stronghold (south east of the map near Riften) => red / yellow ambiant lights
  • Silverdrift Lair (north from Whiterun or any nord ruin) => pale yellow ambiant lights
  • Tolvald's Cave (eastern part of the map...or any falmers' cave) => pale / blue ambiant lights

Landscapes (Day / Night / Dawn / Dusk) :
  • Whiterun
  • Riverwood
  • Weynon Stone (north of Whiterun) => brighter ambiant lights (snow)
  • Solitude (near Katla's Farm or the boats) => best for dawns

Nights - you MUST test... :
  • clear sky nights
  • clear sky nights with aurora
  • cloudy nights
  • cloudy nights with aurora
  • Storm nights (darker and cloudier)

Days - you MUST test... :
  • on regular grounds
  • on snowy grounds (refraction of the snow = brighter)


Thanks to Pluto for the original mod :

Thanks to redguard216 for his help :

Want more ?

Don't forget to check out my other mods :