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“The Elder Songs” is a music expansion mod which adds new music to the game, without replacing anything. All tracks are written by myself and are immersion friendly. They're created explicitly for this mod and are not used elsewhere. These songs are designed to imitate the style & mood of the original score.

Permissions and credits

“The Elder Songs” is a music expansion mod which adds new music to the game, without replacing anything. All tracks are written by myself and are highly immersion friendly. My personal goal was to compose tracks that almost fit seamlessly into the game. This is an ongoing project and it will be updated in the future. It covers all of the music types.

The current version has over 80 minutes of new music.

All tracks are explicitly written for this mod and are not used elsewhere. The only purpose of this project is to help the music repertoire feel less repetitive after playing this game for all these years, without ruining the immersion. None of the original songs will be replaced. 
Of course this task is beyond legendary difficulty, thanks to the god among men, called Jeremy Soule. No one will ever come close to his compositions. But maybe after almost 10 years you want some fresh air in your game after all? This is my chance to shine, and probably I will fail miserably! 

This is a project from deep of my heart. Will you join my on this adventure?

You like my exploration but not the combat music? No problem! With the new module system© you have the possibility to install the music YOU want.
No editing outside of your mod manager necessary. Build your own "The Elder Songs" experience. All .esp's are ESL-flagged .esp's.

29x songs. More than 80 minutes of new music.

The Elder Songs III: Destruction:
1. Dovahkilled - Combat
2. Breezehome - Town
3. This Is Our Land - Castle
4. Amongst The Draugr - Dungeon General (Melodic)
5. You Cannot Rest - Combat
6. My Dearest Camilla - Tavern
7. Above The Clouds - Explore
8. When Enemies Are Nearby (feat. Dragens Music) - Combat
9. Times Of Need - Tavern
10. Jarl's Throne - Castle
11. Dragon Of The North - Main Menu Replacer
Dungeon Tracks:
- Dead Air - Dungeon Cave (Atmospheric)
- In Kaarstag's Steps - Dungeon Ice (Atmospheric)
- Bad Time To Get LostDungeon Fort/Bandits (Atmospheric)

The Elder Songs II: Illusion:
1. The Air We Breathe - Explore at night
2. Even Colder - Dungeon Ice (Atmospheric)
3. Play Something Cheerful Mikael - Tavern
4. I Think I Heard Something - Dungeon Fort/Bandits (Atmospheric)
5. Mushrooms And Monsters - Dungeon Cave (Atmospheric)
6. You Should Rest And Meditate - Explore at night, Town at night
7. With The Power Of Thousand Voices - Combat Boss/Dragon

The Elder Songs I:

1. Nature's Grasp - Explore
2. Dragonborn - Combat Boss/Dragon
3. The Grumpy Giant - Tavern
4. My Frozen Kingdom - Explore
5. What Lies Beneath The Mountains - Dungeon General (Melodic)
6. Snowy Roofs - Town
7. Let The Iron Sing - Combat
8. War Has Torn Us Apart - Explore

The short answer would be: NO. Music mods are not compatible to each other.

Music mods need a merge patch to be compatible to each other. If you want to know more about it read my article.
New locations with new custom music is compatible if there are no changes to the vanilla music system.
Big mods like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma or Beyond Reach are compatible via my patch. Read the instructions.

Not sure if your favorite mod is compatible with The Elder Songs? Ask me! I'll check it out for you.

"Will your music be played in Bruma or Beyond Reach with the patch?"
No, my music will not be played in Bruma or in Reach. Bruma's and Reach's music will not be played in Skyrim also. But you still need the patch to ensure that Bruma's and Reach's combat music is working correctly.

You can use my music for your own mods as long you will give me proper credit. Please let me know if you're using some of my work. I'm always curious what you do with it! 
You have a project outside of Nexusmods or even Skyrim? Even then you could use these songs. Again, credit and please let me know!
I've uploaded the studio versions on the Skyrim Special Edition Version of my Mod. Check the Miscellaneous files. They have the maximum quality, the original volume and they are in the .WAV format.

"I like your music. Is this on Spotify or Apple Music?"

Yes it is! My music is on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other platforms. 

"And why do you sell the albums on the music stores while offering the albums here for free?"
Well there's always the possibility to support me and the mod via buying the music or even streaming the songs from time to time. 
But just playing with this mod is more than I could ever ask for.

You can use all of my tracks on Youtube, Twitch, etc. All songs, not only "The Elder Songs", are royalty free. There’s no automated scanning going on and you won’t get a claim from my record label (dayum, that sounds impressive! It almost seems like that I’m a professional musician!)
For all the german content creators: I'm not part of the GEMA. So you can use my music literally everywhere! Even singing along in the shower while blasting the songs!

That’s true, we don’t need another one. And there are far better ones than mine.
My only noteworthy ability is creating music. I'm very passionate about it. I like what I'm doing and I want to become better at it. 
This is a good possibility to go beyond my limits and reach new levels.

"Why now? Skyrim came out in 2011…"
I’ve always wanted to a mod like this. But never felt quite good enough for such an ambitious project. Heck, even now I still think that way. But if you want to get better at something… do something! Playing the game again recently only reinforced my desire to do this. In fact I've already tried to make this possible a couple years ago, but my composing skill were very limited and I quickly canceled the project.

Thank you for all the kind words! Can't thank you enough! I will put your positive energy in future updates!