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The sequel to Valley of Outcasts, a year in the making. Go on an epic adventure to stop a powerful Lich from obtaining an Elder Scroll. Over 1200 lines of high-quality voice over, 9 major quests, and hours of new content.

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Skyrim SE version

At this point in time, I've lost interest in maintaining this mod and my other largest mod, Valley of Outcasts. While I did put a lot of work into them, I feel that they are fundamentally too complicated internally and many of the bugs are intrinsically tied to certain systems that would need to be rebuilt entirely for them to work properly. Additionally, I wrote VoO when I had just graduated high school and had little adult life experience, and thus the writing is very much sub-par in certain places.For this reason, I am making those mods "public domain".

Anyone who wants to may:
-Fix/tweak the mods
-Add content, or remove it
-Change content (if you'd like to get in contact with a voice actor to replace some of the crappier lines, DM me)
-Hell, you can even change character's names, since some of them aren't great
-Merge .esm files together
-Get donation points from your uploads (especially if you give me a cut)

You may NOT:
-Upload the mods anywhere other than the Nexus or
-Put the mods behind a paywall
-Claim the mods as being entirely your own
-Make them even worse than they are now

Best of luck to those willing to undertake this offer.


After at least a thousand hours of hard work over the course of the past year, it's finally here: the sequel to Valley of Outcasts. 
Now, more established as a mercenary, the Dragonborn will be hired by a very powerful figure, Martin Sennius of the Elder Council, to prevent a coven of Necromancers from obtaining an Elder Scroll. The questline will entail:



IF YOU HAVE MY IMPERIAL RANGER GEAR MOD INSTALLED, you can go ahead and uninstall it after installing this, then use "Help 'Imperial Ranger Gear'", get the ID of a container, and then use "Player.PlaceAtMe [Container ID]" and take whatever ranger gear you had.

And let's not forget, this is a Roadhouse699 mod. You know what that means?
Q: What .esms do I need to have active? The installation confuses me, even though you make the requirements pop up before downloading the mod.
A: JerralMountainsCitadel.esm, JerallMountainsCitadelPart1.esm, and JerallMountainsCitadelPart2.esm must be active to play the mod.

Q: But other mod series have complete replacers!
A: This one doesn't. It functions similarly to the New Vegas Bounties series in terms of installation.

Q: Why release it as a series instead of just updating a mod?
A: Attention.

Q: How do I start this stupid thing?
A: By default, it starts when you walk into the Citadel keep after the final quest from Valley of Outcasts is done, and you've built a dining hall in the citadel. Alternatively, you can bypass playing Part 1 temporarily using "Set _JMCValleyOfOutcastsSucks to 1" and start it as soon as Marim, Bjannor, and Orvania have been spawned in. If you want to delay it entirely, you can use "Set _JMC2Enabled to 0" and then set it back to 1 once you're ready to play the mod.

Q: ..."_JMCValleyOfOutcastsSucks"? You hate Part I that much?
A: I like the voice acting and some of the gameplay design, but since I made it a lot of it makes me cringe. There are a lot of things I'd redo.

Q:  "A lot of things I'd redo." So the whole thing? Valley of Outcasts is terrible. In fact, I don't why on earth I'm downloading ANOTHER quest mod from you.
A: Well for one, I'd completely change the "Wingman" quest so that Skjall walks up to Lyria and starts singing "Star" by the Adoring Fan, causing her to swoon so intensely that she passes out, wakes up on a carriage going to Helgen, and then says, "Goddammit, Todd, you've done it again." Second, get rid of the reference to the stuffed unicorn that Geralt and Yen... um... utilize in the Witcher III. Too heavy of a reference, and Wilaar's romance progression focuses too much on it. In fact, just get rid of a lot of the references to other games. There are only three memes allowed in my mods now: Morrowind memes, Oblivion memes, and Prequel memes.

Q: Is Part 1 really that bad?
A: Okay, in all fairness, it's hard for me to enjoy it since I've had to playtest and debug it a lot of times now. Valley of Outcasts, though it didn't get that many downloads for a mod of it's scope, was largely well-received by the community. I just have I'm-a-creative-and-I-hate-my-previous-work syndrome.

Q: Just a few questions in, and this FAQ is already way off topic. How long have you been working on this thing? You're even crazier than you were before.
A: I started it in June 2018. Probably put well over 1000 hours in total into making it.

Q: Really? How was the one month of actually making this mod and eleven months of vigorously tugging your man-bits? It shouldn't take that long to make a mod of this size.
A: I have school and stuff, okay?

Q: I'm experiencing [Insert bug here] at [insert point in game here].
A: I played through this twice and squashed a lot of bugs and know for a fact that it's playable end-to-end. A couple of important things to keep in mind: 1. Keep your companions, Wilaar and Marim, close by you unless they specify that they're going to stay behind. They play a big role in a lot of this, but sometimes the NavMesh cell transfers break for no reason. 2. Don't shoot people on sight. No, rather than just letting you aimlessly killing people, I put meaningful choices in here for roleplaying as a good or evil character. 

Q: The puzzle door in Greenfurrow Crypt doesn't open.
A: I tried to fix that a million times but Skyrim is broken. Just disable it.

Q: What the hell is wrong with Kiirdotiid?
A: Dragons don't work that well in small worlds. Here is the order of which you should do that quest: 1. Talk to him 2. Fight him while ascending the ruin and get him down to a low health 3. Get to the word wall at the summit. He should land in front of you at that point and talk to you again.

A: I can't fix everyone's load order. Game-launching related stuff, unfortunately, is best left to the user.

Q: Do you hate this mod as much as you hate Valley of Outcasts?
A: Not at all, actually. I was honestly expecting to not like it, but like I said, I played through it twice when I debugged it, and in my personal opinion, it's actually pretty good.

Q: Okay, well I'm pretty sure you've stated that Mass Effect 3 is your favorite game of all time multiple times now, even though it's almost universally unpopular with Mass Effect fans, so maybe we should take your word for what games are good...

Q: You've got to be kidding me with the music in this. You literally just took free Stock Music off the internet that was released with a creative commons.
A: It fits in okay with the rest of the game, adds a unique element, and Trainwiz did the same thing with the Wheels of Lull. But, uh, if you can make decent music that would work well with this... shoot me a PM.

Q: How many hours of gameplay does this add?
A: No idea.

Q: What the hell? You made the damn thing.
A: The only time I ever played it was when I was debugging it, which takes a really long time and kinda sucks. My best estimate would be about two and a half hours for a speedrun on Novice difficulty, but much longer on Legendary (the only real difficulty in Skyrim) with actual exploration of the new areas. Then you could factor in those of us who have a deep-seeded loathing of fast travel, and it would take even longer. 

Q: How lore-friendly is this mod?
A: It's lore-friends-with-benefits.

Q: Why doesn't the spoken dialogue always match up with the subtitle?
A: I'm a huge advocate of letting voice actors take some creative liberties with their lines. Adds way more character to the mod.

Q: Why didn't you go back and change it?
A: Because I don't care enough. The lines hardly changed.

Q: Just admit it already: Wilaar is your doppleganger. His name is basically your's but more Nordic-sounding without being an actual Scandanavian name.
A: Alright, I will admit that when I first created the character around 2 years ago, he was intended to basically just be "Roadhouse699 that helps you build your house and stuff". That, however, was before I decided to make Valley of Outcasts into a quest mod, and long before I decided it would even be voice acted. Once I started writing his dialogue, I decided to just make him a regular character, nothing like me at all. In hindsight, I probably should have changed his name to something like "Albin Oak-Heart", but that's pretty much impossible with how intertwined everything in this mod is now.

Q: I, for one, think Wilaar is a really funny, likable, and handsome character. I can't wait to see more of his romance progression.
A: Wilaar is totally my self-insertion and is exactly like me in real life.

Q: Why is Marim voiced by a different person now?
A: That's between me and the original voice actor, Kikkiapplus. No, we didn't have a falling out or anything. We're still friends. I think.

Q: Speaking of which, I've been watching the new VA for Marim on Twitch for a while now. Thank you so much for making RealAmanda's character a romance option.
A: Goddammit, she told me that you all would be excited over this. No. Down. Down! Stop trying to climb through the screen!

Q: Cleavage robes. Explain. Now.
A: Okay, that character's robes aren't THAT skimpy. Plus, if playing the Witcher and Dragon Age taught me anything, it's that visible boobskin = more magical power.

Q: You've become the very thing you swore to destroy. I remember you always being critical of skimpy armor.
A: I made this flowchart to help us determine the difference between slooty armor, revealing armor, and actually functional armor:

Q: This mod does not pick up where Valley of Outcasts left off at all. What the hell happened with Trevylian?
A: Calm down, I still have two more mods to make for the Jerall Mountains Citadel series. I'm probably gonna merge all four together when they're done, re-do a a lot of things in Valley of Outcasts, and release it as "The Dovahkiin Collection" or something.

Q: Wow, I think that was actually the first time you've ever made a Halo reference.
A: I've never played Halo because I've never owned an Xbox, but it really looks like my kind of game. I'm very excited for it to come to PC.

Q: Also... you're gonna make four of these piles of dogshit? And why is it even called "Jerall Mountains Citadel" at this point? The series as a whole hardly has anything to do with the citadel now.
A: That's just what I named it during production, which started in August 2017. This whole thing started out as a house mod - I wanted a castle playerhome, but I didn't want to just get everything automatically. Then, I considered all the qualms about castle-style house mods and just how valid they are - they're too shallow, easy, and overpowered. So I decided there would be a whole settlement in the surrounding area with fun characters (like Skivi the fisherman) and quests. Then I decided, "You know what? Thalmor fucking suck. And it'd be cool if a playerhome from a mod got besieged. I should make that the final quest." So then it became more of a quest mod than a house mod, and now it's two parts and counting. Let's see you make a better house mod, Elianora!

Q: Elianora's house mods are still easily better than your's because they're actually house mods and not really shallow, clunky quest mods like this pile of dogshit you've branded as "story-driven".
A: Well... at least I don't disappear like Someguy2000!

Q: I would sacrifice you to the cat goddess in a heartbeat to get our sweet Hillbilly modder/streamer back from the dead... for the third time.
A: Well he's already back! Degenerate New Vegas, Skyrim, Oblivion, and Mount and Blade Fans rejoice!

Q: What are you talking about?
A: There's a youtube channel that consists largely of hour-long streams of just a bald, angry, Texan, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, powerlifter and popular Fallout: New Vegas Mod Author yelling at the "Prophecy of Pendor" mod for Mount and Blade: Warband, talking out loud to NPCs, telling stories of self-stimulation at the age of 13 with a stuff animal dinosaur, and ranting about food and various forms of popular media. He occasionally disappears for months at a time, and he's just returned from the dead again.

Q: Okay, everyone who's spent more than 200 hours playing roleplaying games talks out loud to NPCs.
A: Yeah that's true.

Q: Why are there so many small exterior worldspaces? You couldn't just make all the outsides of your dungeons in the main Skyrim Worldspace?
A: I wanted to make it as compatible as possible with other mods, therefore editing as few exterior cell NavMeshes as possible. 

Q: Okay, we NEED to talk about you voicing a character in this. Your microphone is crap and you can't act.
A: He had like one line and was literally about to die. And I'll have you know that I took a creative writing course this past semester where I had to act in short plays written by my peers, and they said I was really good at acting!

Q: Why didn't you just have actual voice actors do it? You have no shortage of those...
A: I forgot to cast those parts and didn't want to bother anyone with it so I took care of it myself.

Q: Next, we need to talk about your newfound obsession with Prequel memes.
A: Okay, but I will only communicate through prequel lines for this conversation.

Q: Please don't. You're going to be even more unintelligible than usual.
A: You underestimate my power!

Q: Here we go... You need to stop. It's honestly no better than the game references in Valley of Outcasts, which were cringy as hell.
A: Anakin, you're breaking my heart!

Q: Are you just reading lines straight off the full Revenge of the Sith script?
A: Possibly.

Q: ...Okay that one was from Attack of the Clones. And the prequel quotes in dialogue take away from my immersion.
A: Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

Q: Okay, we're getting off topic.
A: Hold on. This whole operation was your idea.

Q: When are you gonna stop screwing around and just join Beyond Skyrim, Skywind, or Skyblivion?
A: I don't want to ruin those mods for myself by taking part in their production.

Q: Fair enough, everything you touch turns out pretty terrible. But what do you intend on doing after Jerall Mountains Citadel is done?
A: I have two possible plans: I'm either going to use all the new content from Beyond Skyrim and YourNotSupposedToBeInHere's Summerset Isle mod to make my own version of the Second Great War, which would be like first-person, story driven, Mount and Blade, or Arma in Skyrim. I have a lot of ideas for that both creatively and technically, but it could be impossible to load all the added provinces in SSE CK at the same time so it's a less likely option. My other and much more likely plan would be a total conversion of Fallout 4, set in a European micro-nation some time between 2015 and 2025, outside the Fallout universe. That, however, would take a lot of new assets (please let me use Modern Firearms, WhiskeyRiver223, I'll get permission from Ubisoft as well). This is all at least 2 years down the line though.

Q: Why the move to Fallout 4?
A: The Elder Scrolls is fun and all, but once I'm done here (after spending another 2-3 years with Jerall Mountains Citadel), I'd like to make my own lore instead of using the work of Julian LeFay, Lady N, Michael Kirkbride, Todd Howard, and Emil Pagliarulo. Also I want guns, profanity, and more action-adventure-esque mechanics.