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A freeform adventure centered around a large citadel in the Jerall Mountains. Over 1000 lines of voiced Dialogue and 12 quests oriented for all playstyles and made to integrate well with the base game. Requires all DLC.

Permissions and credits
SSE Version

At this point in time, I've lost interest in maintaining this mod and my other largest mod, 
The Last Refuge. While I did put a lot of work into them, I feel that they are fundamentally too complicated internally and many of the bugs are intrinsically tied to certain systems that would need to be rebuilt entirely for them to work properly. Additionally, I wrote VoO when I had just graduated high school and had little adult life experience, and thus the writing is very much sub-par in certain places.For this reason, I am making those mods "public domain".

Anyone who wants to may:
-Fix/tweak the mods
-Add content, or remove it
-Change content (if you'd like to get in contact with a voice actor to replace some of the crappier lines, DM me)
-Hell, you can even change character's names, since some of them aren't great
-Merge .esm files together
-Get donation points from your uploads (especially if you give me a cut)

You may NOT:
-Upload the mods anywhere other than the Nexus or
-Put the mods behind a paywall
-Claim the mods as being entirely your own
-Make them even worse than they are now

Best of luck to those willing to undertake this offer.

Bugfixes for this mod are now contained in the sequel. Both mods are still required.

After 10 months of work and well over 500 hours of development, I give you all my first not-terrible mod: Valley of Outcasts.

In it, you will venture to the far south of Skyrim, discovering a large citadel and taking it as your own, then building a small settlement around it. As that settlement grows, you'll receive all kinds of requests for help from it's denizens. Eventually, some of these quests will lead to others for a not-that-shocking-but-still-pretty-cool-conclusion. Best of all, the decisions you make in the quests and in the finale will affect the outcome of the story. I know you RPG nuts love that stuff. Oh, and there are two romance options, one male and one female, for those of you who played Mass Effect 1-3 as many times as I did. 

To start the quest, go to Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath and talk to Wilaar. Once you've finished the first quest, more quests will be made available as you continue building the settlement and making Preston Garvey proud. The quests aren't buried under a shitload of questions you have to ask NPCs, but you should still be sure to make the rounds - almost every NPC in the mod is involved in at least one quest, and ignoring one could have consequences (that also means you should try to build everything you can. There's a note you get after the first quest with all the improvements on it).

Roadhouse699 - Project lead, modder, being an asshat
Kikiapplus - Voice of Marim, Varette, and Lyria
Halo22 - Voice of Mart, Odrin, and Prezir
Daveglenney - Voice of Wilaar
Ninjanub107 - Voice of Trevylian
Alftoft316 - Voice of Skjall, Kalsten, and Moirre
CompleteTheCircuit - Voice of Gareth and Morlan
GigaRat - Voice of Orvania
TalkingNsuch - Voice of Bjannor
Lyrelaen- Voice of Hrota
Saenokda - Voice of Selator and Ferixius
Naoree - Voice of Deria
Barokai - Voice of Skivi
Julesdav - Nalvaer understudy, moral support, his feminine intuition
CowOrMonkey - Moral Support, spiritual guidance, reddit memes
...And most importantly, YOU. The Nexus community. Y'all have supported me on this long path of garbage-ass mods, with supportive comments on other mods like these:

Many thanks to Ikari for covering this mod in a youtube showcase! (VoO related content starts at 12:00)

If you'd like to see some gameplay footage, here's video from SGMandylion:

I'd like to ask you all to keep commenting - give me feedback on this so that if I make a sequel, it'll be even better than this one. Granted, I might ignore you because I have my own vision for this. Seriously, your comments can determine the course of my modding.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...
FAQ: (not for the feint of heart)
Q: How do I set up my load order for this?
A: Use LOOT or put them both shortly after Dragonborn.esm (near the top of your load order) and have JerralMountainsCitadel.esm above JerallMountainsCitadelPart1.esm.

Q: When can I start this crap?
A: You can start at any point in the game, but it's meant to be played after the main questline.

Q: God dammit, gathering resources to build with takes fucking FOREVER.
A: You can buy stone en masse from a Unslad Rock-Beater, at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth. Once you've bought a homestead with Hearthfires, you can buy logs from any lumber mill in Skyrim. You can buy straw pretty much anywhere. For iron, I recommend this mod. As for money, this is an Elder Scrolls game. Enough said.

Q: Is this mod lore-friendly?
A: For the most part, yes. When I say "for the most part", I really mean that I added a few things to the lore based on concepts that were only mentioned had no defined lore already (e.g. The Imperial Ranger faction. It was briefly mentioned by the fletcher in Solitude, but there's nothing else about them, so that gave me the freedom to take the Rangers in whatever direction I wanted.) I should also add that this mod considers "Beyond Skyrim" canon, because it basically is until TESVI comes out. It's not required to play, though.

Q: Is this 100% immersive? I need complete immersion into video games or else I will literally fucking die.
A: It is what it is. In terms of blending in with the game, I would say that the level of detail in level design and the quality of the voice acting is almost on par with vanilla Skyrim.

Q: I just finished it and that last thing you said was bullshit, this is nothing like the base game.
A: I'll add more bugs.

Q: How do I get a perfect ending?
A: If you really want to cheat, I made a guide you can find here. Other than that, just do what seems right and don't be a zealot who acts on principle.

Q: What the fuck took you so long? You first started leaking this in August 2017.
A: I was busy with school and shit for a few months of it. But don't assume I wasn't working hard on this when I came back home. Hell, I didn't even see The Last Jedi until June 5th.

Q: Oh shit I'm excited to see how you're going to rant about it.
A: It was basically Spaceballs but with the actual Star Wars cast. 

Q: You said there were romance options in this. Is it NSFW?
A: That depends. Does your boss only have a rule against visible, animated video game sex in your workplace, or is implied sex banned as well? Because this mod doesn't actually show anything.

Q: I hate huge playerhomes like the one in this mod.
A: Honestly, I do too, normally. In this mod, however, you actually have to work for the huge playerhome. And you don't need to live there to do the quests. Oh, and best of all, I didn't line it with statues of Dibella and then take all the screenshots in 3rd person as a scantily-dressed female character, unlike some modders.

Q: Yeah, but you did put to romance progressions in this, essentially making your own sexual fantasy.
A: This mod isn't my sexual fantasy, that's a different mod I made.

Q: That's nasty.
A: I am blind to your judgement. Nazeem is the love of my life.

Q: Is Wilaar a self-insertion? His name is similar to your actual first name.
A: No. I couldn't think of a name, so I used an old Oblivion character name. Probably shouldn't have, considering the fact that the surname "Wood-Strider" never fails to make me giggle.

Q: ...Wilaar is totally a self-insertion.
A: Go ahead believe that if you want a crazy fuck like me to hit on you as much as he does.

Q: My issue with this mod is that I never actually beat the main quest, I just start a new character every week.
A: You can still play the mod, but people will talk about you having beaten Alduin even though you didn't because you refuse to commit yourself. Granted, the dialogue about Alduin's defeat doesn't really imply it directly, but rather that the Dragonborn is some kind of great hero. Basically, just be a high level.

Q: The "Wingman" quest makes my anus cringe.
A: I know, I hate it too.

Q: Then why the hell didn't you change it?
A: It's not easy to change the storyboard in a mod like this where so much is intertwined. I actually did change it, though. It used to be even worse.

Q: That's just disrespectful to the voice actors for Skjall and Lyria.
A: Well, it's my fault - I was the one who wrote that mountain of horseshit, they just got tricked into bringing it to life.

Q: The .esm has "Part1" at the end of it. Does that mean you'll make a sequel?
A: Maybe. I don't know. I have some ideas in mind, it just a matter of having the time to make them. And if that happens, I promise you I will redeem the two of them. I'll do it for Altoft316, since I gave him my least favorite character in this mod. Seriously, I kind of hate Skjall, like Someguy2000 hates Russell.

Q: There are only six female characters living in the settlement this mod is centered around. What were you thinking when you made it?
A: Absolutely nothing. I didn't even notice until I sent out PMs to recruit voice actors.

Q: HALP! I picked the wrong option in a dialogue menu and it screwed me over!
A: The f5 and f9 keys are your best friends. Use them often.

Q: No! That ruins my immersion!
A: Then be prepared to accept the fact that you just failed at video game romance, the easiest thing ever. Nice work.

Q: What is the point of Skivi? I'm trying to find content related to him, but there's absolutely nothing in this.
A: Hey - You like fish?

Q: Why do so many of these names make no phonetical sense? "Orvania", for example, shouldn't be pronounced as "Orvonya".
A: I made this mod; I decide how the names are pronounced. I want to make a character who's name is spelled "Fuckface" but pronounced as "Peaches"? My decision.

Q: Back to the topic of the romance options, both of them are sleeping in my bed now. Together.
A: Yeah, that happens if you romance both at the same time. I could have done it differently - made them rotate between who got to sleep with the Dragonborn on a nightly basis - but that'd be weird. Beyond fucked up. I could have pushed a single bed up against the double bed, but that wouldn't look nice. Instead, I decided to just keep it this way.

Q: Whaaaaaat? Why? I want to romance both! I want to make a [insert sandwich-related euphamism referencing the color of each character's skin] with them!
A: This is the price you must pay for polygamy. I paid the price too - Kikiapplus and DaveGlenney, if you guys are reading this clusterfuck, know that I romanced both of you at the same time when I tested this. I figured it'd be better if you knew.

Q: Speaking of which, why are there no consequences for having an affair?
A: Because I knew from the moment I started making this back in August 2017 that I was going to bang as many NPCs as I could when it was done.

Q: Why are you always trying to bang NPCs?
A: The same reason so many Skyrim players just run around and literally kill everyone in the province. "Roleplay".

Q: Goddammit I was doing an assassin playthrough! Don't judge me!

Q: A taxedermized unicorn in the bedroom? Are you fucking serious?
A: I'm not sorry.

Q: Did you seriously make a story within this that involves romance and vampirism? You said it yourself, once; "Go back to your shitty romance novel, nightspawn!" Surrender your manhood to whatever god you worship at once.
A: I wasn't thinking about that when I made the quest, okay? I just wanted interesting, nuanced characters, dammit.

Q: Vampire thralls aren't freed after the vampire dies.
A: Uh... this one had a particularly strong will, and the Illusion magic used was fairly gentle.

Q: Stop bullshitting your way past lore.
A: Never! M4A1 rifles exist in the Fallout universe!

A: Yes they do! The Assault Carbine in New Vegas is basically an M4 that shoots the wrong ammo. Speaking of which, Obsidian, I will never forgive you for making a rifle that looks almost exactly like an M4 but shoots 5mm Remington instead of 5.56x45mm NATO. Yes, I'm making that big of a deal over 0.56 millimeters.

Q: ...How is that related to lore-friendliness?
A: Some people say that M16-style rifles aren't lore-friendly in Fallout.

A: I hate myself too for going this far into a tangent. You know what we were originally talking about? We were talking about the incessant amount of slutty armor mods on the Nexus and how bad it's become in Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 4, but not New Vegas, thanks to Joana, the savior of the FONV Nexus.

Q: Two things: We weren't talking about that. We were talking about vampires. Second, who's Joana?
A: One: That just shows how far we've fallen. Two: Joana is this Med-x addicted prostitute from New Vegas who's very existence gave people less of a reason to make erotic mods for that game, thus preventing the New Vegas Nexus from being clogged with unrealistically large and shiny breasts and butts, as the Nexuses (or Nexei, Nexi, Nexum, whatever) of every other Fallout and Elder Scrolls game.

Q: Actually, Morrowind didn't have a saturation of erotic mods on it's nexus, further proving the superiority of the land of mushro-
A: Yeah, you know why? Because no one wants to rub it out to shitty old Morrowind graphics.

Q: Why do you always dick on Morrowind?
A: I think it gets a bit too much credit. Don't get me wrong, most of what I say about it is a joke - it's a good game for it's time, but I don't think it should be used exclusively as a model for future BGS titles. There were good things about Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas (even though that's not BGS), Skyrim, and Fallout 4 that I'd love to see in The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield.

Q: Fallout 4 was an objectively bad game, you pathetic waste of bio-matter. Just kill yourself now for liking things about Fallout 4. Fallout 4 isn't an RPG, and thus is a bad game.
A: Oh, just wait until you hear what things I like about Fallout 4...

A: Alright I'm not actually gonna respond to that, so that you don't protest this mod out of internet rage.

A: "Uninstall and un-endorse." -Someguy2000

Q: Why are all the characters mopey as fuck? It's depressing.
A: Would you rather that I made them all happy, careless, and boring? 

Q: No, but they immediately tell me their dumbass fucking sob-story the moment I meet them. Can't you drag their development out a bit more?
A: They'll develop more in the future. I have a lot planned for this.

Q: Why are you pointing out problems in your on mod?
A: I'm just playing devil's advocate, dammit. That's the only thing I ever do in FAQs.

Q: Bullshit, the only things you do in FAQs are make perverted jokes and reference other games.
A: Okay that's fair.

Q: No, seriously, is it physically possible for you to breath for more than five seconds without mentioning the Witcher, Fallout, Dragon Age, or Mass Effect? There are so many references in this mod that it's not even funny.
A: In all fairness, none of them are lore or immersion breaking and they're all fairly unintrusive.

Q: The Romance quests in this are kinda short.
A: They're comparatively long by Skyrim standards. Balimund will literally give you unlimited sexual favors in exchange for a pound of fire salts. Granted, that much in fire salt is worth as much as 10 pounds of silver, so maybe that's not the best example. Take Ysolda; you give her a mammoth tusk and she's all yours- wait, that one doesn't work either depending on what you do with the mammoth tusk. Shit.

Q: Two things: 1. You're a pervert. 2. It doesn't matter how stupid the marriage system in Skyrim is. That shouldn't reduce the standards for you.
A: 1. Heh, you got the joke about the mammoth tusk. 2. This was intended to be the first part of a series of mods. If I make another part, I intend to make the romance options actually have some bumps and shit in the relationship. This is only the beginning, hence the reason why you can't marry either of them.

Q: Why are so many quests in this so pro-empire? I support Ulfric because I'm madly in love with him and honestly don't give a shit about Talos. I just want him to be High King.
A: In "Ignorance and Difference", you can complete the quest by finding dead Stormcloaks and taking their helmets rather than just killing them. In "Burying the Past"... well... why would a such a loyal and dedicated Stormcloak even want to help a former Legionnaire, and an elf no less, in the first place?

Q: Don't patronize me, you dick.
A: Well I guess you could say that people who download this mods are patrons of it...

Q: What? Fuck no, I'm not downloading this stupid shit. It looks like the dumbest thing ever.
A: No, this is the dumbest thing ever.

Q: Okay, that actually is the dumbest thing ever. Seriously, why did you have to put me through that pain?
A: I told you.

Q: Back to the point, this mod is really one-sided. It's like if the Empire hired former members of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea propaganda board to make a mod.
A: I'll try to add some balance if part 2 ever comes around.

Q: So what you're saying is... you'll never add balance?
A: ...I hate you all.

Q: Why would a family of Talos worshippers hate Nords? Talos used to be Hjalti Early-Beard, a Nord.
A: Obviously, anyone who's stupid enough to condemn an entire race or religion for the actions of a few members of that race or relgion would not have a firm grasp on history. Speaking of which, why does Talos use the command console so much? He's used the "ShowRaceMenu" command four times now - to change his name from "Talos of Atmora" to "Hjalti Early-Beard", then used it to change himself into an Imperial and make his name "Tiber Septim", then he went back to being called "Talos" and used the "tgm" command, because he's a fucking cheat. He probably used "tcl" command to get to Aetherius, too. Maybe the Thalmor have a point after all.

Q: The fact that there's no workaround for fighting the Thalmor in this mod ruins my roleplay of a pro-Thalmor character.
A: Literally every quest mod ever made involves fighting the Thalmor. If you're pro-Thalmor, you really shouldn't be playing quest mods... Or doing any quest other than the one in Markarth where you snitch a guy to a group of Justicars. Honestly, "Roleplaying as a Thalmor supporter" is like roleplaying as a pro-dragon character. Bethesda meant for you to do the opposite.

Q: Stop spoiling the mod's contents.
A: Okay, we all knew there were gonna be Thalmor in this mod. Like I said, they're an enemy in every quest mod.

Q: That just makes this quest mod cliche as the antagonist in a science fiction game having the biggest ship. (I'm looking at you, Mass Effect: Andromeda)
A: In the immortalized words of Someguy2000, "Uninstall and Un-endorse".

Q: This is the second time you've mentioned Someguy2000 in this FAQ. Do you have something to tell him?
A: I love you, James. #BiscuitsAndGravy+ReflectiveBelt4Evar

Q: I thought you loved Nazeem...?
A: I've been known to be promiscuous. 

Guess what? I've actually managed to make mods even worse than this one! You can find them here. They even have FAQs that are more of a clusterfuck than this.