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Ever wanted to tip over that cow in Whiterun, but using the Unrelenting Force against it is considered a crime? Or are you bored and want to kick chickens like soccer balls? Then this mod is for you.

Permissions and credits
This mod grants the player the ability to knock over cows and kick around chickens, similar to Fallout 3 respective Fable.

How to use:
To tip cows, you walk up to them, enter sneak mode and activate it, followed by getting a popup window where you can choose to tip it over.
Same procedure goes for the chickens, except you don't need to crouch to kick them.
This mod comes in two flavours - Casual or Crime (self explanatory)

Before you take this mod too seriously - no, I don't hate cows or chickens, and I respect any kind of animal in real life. I've just been looking around on the net and seen a few people requesting such a mod to be added to Skyrim, and I'm the type who like creating mods with references from different games/fandoms sometimes. In other words, this was just made for fun, and I also wanted to somehow test my papyrus scripting skills.