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Do you want to be a spartan? Now time has come

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@Spartan [email protected]

This is Sparta!!


Spartan kick was the most awesome move.
Of course the movie '300' had somewhat distorted historic perpective though...
I made this because... there is no reason. It's Just cool!! Isn't that enough for you?

How to Install

Just drop the damn whole files to your precious data folder located in your precious Skyrim folder whereever it may be I don't know.
You know the drills. I hate all the instruction thingies...
If you use MO, just press install button.

Finally you want to do FNIS.
Otherwise there will be no Awesome Spartan Kick Ever!!!!!!!

How to Use

After proper installation, you will notice that there will be a new spell added to your power tab.
just use it in front of your fragile foes.
The higher ground, the more deaths you can give.
The more stamina you have, the more havok force you can give.
The more stamina you have, the more damage you can give.
(If you reserve your stamina point more than the half, you can not just drop your enemy from the top of a cliff but also damage their Health points depending on how much your stamina points you keep.)

Recommended mods

XPMSE - Realistic ragdoll patch
(You want some realistic kicking? go ahead! without hesitation)

Kick Power = Current Stamina value * 1/10
Kick Damage = Current Stamina value * 1/4

It means it's just like lore-friendly.
Now you have the reason why you should take care of  your stamina point.

How to Remove

Just delete them all...\\ Why are you asking?


Nothing! No problem! I swear!

Known issues

Don't press 'Z' button multiple times at a time... It's not a big deal and it's not gonna cause any CTD but.. well why don't you try it? You will see how it goes.

P.S - I am awesome, mate. call me awesome.

Change log

1.0V - Initial Release
1.05V - Small time adjustment. Now It'll look more natural.

All the credit goes to BakaFactory
Script - BakaFactory
Animation - BakaFactory