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Very small patch for opusGlass' Diverse Dragons Collection 3 and Splendor - Dragon Variants. I removed the LOD so when dragons are really far away a low res version isn't displayed and name prefixes are added to the leveled dragons.

Permissions and credits

Special thanks to opusGlass and his
Diverse Dragons Collection 3 (DDC3) and Splendor - Dragon Variants.
His mods are required for these patches to work.


When dragons are 10000 or more units away from the player low res textures are used to display the dragon. I have removed this so the dragon is always displayed in full res.

I also added prefixes to the names of the dragons that denotes their level.
  • Juvenile [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 10)
  • Blood [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 20)
  • Mature [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 30)
  • Elder [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 40)
  • Ancient [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 50)
  • Revered [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 62)
  • Legendary [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 75)

This patch can be easily merged into the main DiverseDragonsCollection3.esp or ogSplendorDragons.esp using xEdit. To do so complete the following steps:

  1. Open xEdit and load either patch
  2. In the left hand pane double click on the patch name
  3. Right click on Non-Player Character (Actor) and in the context menu click Apply Script
  4. At the top of the Apply Script window is a dropdown with all the script names, it's sorted alphabetically so find and click on Merge overrides into master
  5. Click the OK button in the bottom right corner
  6. Another window will pop up with all the mods loaded, ignore this window and click X in the top right corner of the window
  7. It will then execute the script and apply all my changes to the main mod
  8. Close xEdit and chose to save the changes made to main mod
  9. Now play the following video as you slowly nod your head: