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Tenderfoot Wanderer is a new, early game designed, mashup friendly armor designed for the UNP body!

Permissions and credits
Tenderfoot Wanderer is an armor/outfit designed for an early game adventurer. The armor was designed to be mashup friendly, with each part being separated into individual slots. 

It can be acquired in the following ways:
1. Using the console, type in "help: "Tenderfoot"" and each item will display. Then type; "player.additem xxxx" where xxxx is the Id listed beside the item.
2. Craft the armor at a forge. The recipe is simple and cheap for easy early game retrieval.

You will need the UNP body or there will be clipping. Other than that, this should be compatible with everything.

Drop the files into your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Delete the files from your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Q: Why is this outfit not for UUNP Bodyslide?
A: I dislike using bodyslide for my armors and find the tool very clunky and difficult to use. 

Q: Will you please make a version for bodyslide? 
A: No, but you can download the altered UUNP NIFs and convert it yourself! 

Q: Has anyone made any conversions already?
A: Yes!
Sorceress99 did an amazing job converting to CBBE! HERE
                 BHUNP-CBBE-UUNP by Nekomata

        Q: How do I do the bodyslide conversion?
A: There are tons of guides online on how to do this. I won't help you, sorry.

Q: Why is this armor so weak?
A: It's more of an outfit, for one. But I designed it for the early game, so the stats will reflect that. I won't adjust them.

Q: Will you release your other mods on the nexus? 
A: I will not release any of my other preexisting mods on the Nexus. No. Future mods? Yes, though it depends on the mod.

Q: What is the nudity fix and how can I use the patch with the UUNP NIFs?
A: The nudity fix file provides replacement NIFs of Tenderfoot Wanderer's shirt piece with the correct partitions to mark the player as clothed.
     In order to get the same effect on the UUNP NIFs, update the partitions on the UUNP body to also include SBP_38 and SBP_34: PDF_EDITOR_VISIBLE.
     You could also apply this same fix on the UNP version if you don't want to download the nudity fix yourself.

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Credits and Thanks:
Bethesda for Skyrim
Blender for the fantastic program
GIMP for their free photo editor
Substance Painter for the fantastic texturing software
Everyone who reads my stories! Thanks for the support over the last two years. I couldn't have made it without you guys.

Do NOT upload this anywhere without permission.
NONE of this mod's assets can be used in paid mods. 

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I know how some people from the nexus treat those from loverslab/tumblr. Like it or not, we are all a part of the same community, just different
sections of it. I cast no ill will towards any of you, so I hope you all will do the same. Either way, anyone who is disrespectful will be ignored.