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Neutralizes the racial starting skill bonus and allows you to distribute the points yourself. You also can distribute points between magic, health and stamina.

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This mod neutralizes the racial skill bonus and allows you to distribute those points yourself, as well as to redistribute points between magic, health, and stamina. There is a PapyrusUtil-based configuration file where you can toggle both menus and change many settings. You also can make it so all the skill values will be set to the base value without any bonuses.

Unfortunately, it's not a cool custom menu, but at least it's not a default messagebox. I used the ListMenu from SkyUILib.


The menu will only open if you haven't gained level 2 yet, so skills won't reset on a saved game.
The menu will open a few seconds after you get all controls. For the vanilla start, it should happen after your hands are untied. Tested with Live Another Life, Skyrim Unbound (Reborn), and Realm of Lorkhan.


You can increase or decrease a skill/stat value by the same number of points at a time (be default: 5 for the skill menu, 10 for the stats menu). The remaining number of points is displayed at the top of the menu.
To increase a value, select the desired skill/stat and then click [Tab]Exit or press the Tab or Esc key. To decrease a value, do the same with the LShift key pressed (the mod checks if the key is pressed after clicking, so do not release it too quickly).

The skill you have selected will be automatically selected the next time (although the menu will not scroll down). You also can select the previous selected skill at any time - click on [R]Default or press the R key (in this case the menu will be scrolled).

When you run out of points, the confirmation menu will be opened. Here you can choose "COMPLETE" to finish the points distribution, or choose any skill/stat to decrease it.


No vanilla records are changed. Only the base skill options change one gamesetting, so place these optional files after the mods that do the same.

It probably won't work properly with most mods that implement a class system etc. But it is perhaps an alternative for them.

If you want to use the Stat Menu but keep the Health/Stamina/Magicka offsets (like if you use Aetherius - A Race Overhaul), enable "use_hms_offsets" (see Customization).

CYSS contains the SkyUILib files (of the latest and only version), so it will overwrite mods that also use SkyUILib (like Name Your Horse) and that's fine.
You can safely overwrite these files in any order.


This mod requires SkyUI and PapyrusUtil.

Install with your mod manager.
Click "Track" at the top of the page to start tracking mod updates.


CYSS comes with a .json configuration file Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\ChooseYourStartingSkills.json. You can open it via any text editor like Windows Notepad and edit the values. Note that CYSS reads the config only once, when a new game is started via main menu. Note that bad values (like step > total points) will break CYSS.

The settings:

"skills_mode" : 0/1/-1
0 - Disable the Skill Menu and don't touch the skills; 1 - Enable the Skill Menu; -1 - Disable the Skill Menu but set all the skills to the base value. (Default: 1)
"skills_baseskill" : -1/number
The base (min) skill value. When set to -1, CYSS will use iAVDSkillStart game setting (vanilla 15 or the value set by other mods). You can set a custom value to make CYSS use it instead. Good options: 10, 5, 0. (Default: -1)
"skills_points" : number

The total number of skill points avialable for distribution. (Default: 35)
"skills_step" : number
The number of skill points to add per one step. (Default : 5)
"skills_maxbonus" : number
The maximum skill bonus you can add via CYSS. (Default : 10)

"stats_mode" : 0/1
0 - Disable the Stat Menu and don't touch the skills; 1 - Enable the Stat Menu. (Default: 1)
"stats_points" : number
The total number of stat points avialable for distribution. (Default: 60)
"stats_step" : number
The number of stat points to add per one step. (Default : 10)
"stats_basestat" : number
The mimimum and starting stat value you can set via CYSS. (Default : 80)
"stats_maxstat" : number
The maximum stat value you can set via CYSS. (Default : 130)

"disablecontrols" : 0/1
By default, CYSS disables controls while you're in the menu, to prevent camera moving when the menu re-opens. Set 0 to disable this. (Default: 1)
"use_hms_offsets": 0/1
0 = disabled. Your previous Health/Stamina/Magicka values are ignored and just set to the final choice in the Stat Menu.
1 = enabled. If you set it to 1, CYSS will keep their previous offsets from 100 when setting your stats, so if you had base health 150 and selected 120 health, you will end up with 170 health instead of 120. This option is designed for compatibility with Aetherius - A Race Overhaul and other mods that add Health/Stamina/Magicka bonuses to races by directly changing these values for those races instead of using a spell (which is how the vanilla bonuses work).

(Default: 0)