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Increase FPS by decreasing the amount of clutter inside cities.

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Many mods overhauls cities to add more stuff and more detail. This mod does the opposite.

Removes some (not all) rocks, crates, bushes, bags, barrels, sacks, shrubs, potatoes & tomatoes etc,  in order to increase performance.
However not all clutter is removed, in order to avoid cities feeling dead and lifeless.

New in version 2: Removes the landscape grass outside the city walls. Should help boost performance for some cities without being too noticeable.
(V1 is still available if you prefer to keep the grass)


Edited cities:

If you prefer to have more detail in your cities, do not download this.
If you're having performance issues, then try it out.


If you're already on a good computer, there might not be a huge difference.

You could probably use this with other city mods. Though I haven't tested it.
Does not affect or edit Npcs, interiors, navmesh.