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Know Your Elements enables compatibility between the assets added in Elemental Destruction Magic and the Know Your Enemy resistance and weakness system.
Armors and NPCs that have existing KYE characteristics are modified to interact with water, wind, and earth effects; NPCs added by Elemental Destruction Magic will also have KYE traits.

Permissions and credits
Know Your Elements - A Patch for Know Your Enemy and Elemental Destruction Magic was created to expand KYE's excellent, trait-based resistance and vulnerability system to include additional assets from Elemental Destruction Magic.


  • New abilities have been added to the earth, water, and wind atronachs so that they receive KYE traits.
  • New traits unique to these atronachs have been added, similar to the original KYE implementation of fire/frost/shock.
  • KYE armor traits now have vulnerabilities and resistances to earth, water, and wind.
  • KYE creature traits now have vulnerabilities and resistances to earth, water, and wind.
  • UPDATE: the latest version of KYE checks for active Mage Armor spells and assigns appropriate traits; Know Your Elements does the same in v.1.2

The mechanism for implementing these changes is the zEdit patcher which has been recently updated to scan for this patch, and add applicable perks to the Elemental Destruction Assets.

Specific changes are listed below.

Creature trait properties added:

  • Furred - Resist wind 25%, vulnerable to water 25%
  • Fat - Resist water 50%
  • Big - Resist wind and earth 25%
  • Small - Vulnerable to wind 25%
  • Armored - No changes
  • Dwarven Machine - Resist wind and earth 50%, vulnerable to water 25%
  • Undead - Vulnerable to earth 25%
  • Venomous - Vulnerable to water 50%
  • Ice Elemental - Resist water 50%
  • Fire Elemental - Resist wind 50%, vulnerable to earth and water 25%
  • Shock Elemental - Resist wind 50%, resist water 25%, vulnerable to earth 50%
  • Plant - Resist water 75%, resist earth 50%, vulnerable to wind 25%
  • Vile - No changes
  • Skeletal - Resist wind 50%, vulnerable to earth 50%
  • Trollkin - No changes
  • Weak Willed - No changes
  • Strong Willed - Resist water, earth, and wind 25%
  • Cave Dwelling - Resist earth 50%
  • Vascular - No changes
  • Aquatic - Resist water 75%
  • Brittle - No changes
  • Supernatural - Vulnerable to water 25%
  • Rocky - Resist earth 50%, vulnerable to water and wind 25%
  • Ghostly - Resist earth, wind, and water 25%

Armor trait properties added:

  • Warm - Resist wind 25%, vulnerable to water 25% (identical to Furred creature trait)
  • Leathery - Resist water 25%, vulnerable to wind 25%
  • Brittle - Vulnerable to water and earth 25%
  • Nonconductive - Resist water 25%
  • Thick - Resist wind 25%
  • Metal - Resist earth 25%, vulnerable to water 25%
  • Layered - Resist wind 25%
  • Deep - Resist earth 25%
  • NEW: Oakflesh - Resist water 75%, resist earth 50%, vulnerable to wind 25%
  • NEW: Ironflesh - Vulnerable to water 25%, resist earth 25%
  • NEW: Ebonyflesh - Resist water 25%

New creature traits and their properties:

  • Earth Elemental - Immune to earth, resist shock 50%, vulnerable to water and wind 25%
  • Water Elemental - Immune to water, resist frost and fire 50%
  • Wind Elemental - Immune to wind, resist shock and earth 50%

Traits for Elemental Destruction Magic's atronachs:

  • Earth Atronach - Earth Elemental, Rocky, Weak-Willed, Supernatural, Big
  • Water Atronach - Water Elemental, Aquatic, Weak-Willed, Supernatural
  • Wind Atronach - Wind Elemental, Rocky, Weak-Willed, Supernatural


  1. Install KYE
  2. Install Elemental Destruction Magic
  3. Install the latest version of zEdit and the patchers linked on the KYE page
  4. Install this mod and ensure that it is lower than both other mods on the load order, using LOOT or your preferred utility
  5. Run the KYE armor and enemy patchers in zEdit
  6. During runtime you should see the usual "perk added" messages and additional messages pertaining to the Elemental Destruction Magic actors and traits
  7. Make sure to save the patches then launch Skyrim
  8. You can verify that the effects have been applied by jumping into the inventory screen and examining your equipped armor


In order to more easily read the additional text on the item card I suggest using MoreHUD and MoreHUD Inventory Edition.

I also recommend Armor Rating Redux.


Many thanks to reaperix, the creator of Elemental Destruction Magic, for allowing their resources to be used in other mods.

Extra special thanks to tjhm4, the creator of Know Your Enemy, for permission to create this patch, technical details on the mod itself and the zEdit implementation, feedback regarding element/trait balance, and more stuff I have probably forgotten.

Thanks and Kudos to IAmDarkPhoenix for the LE conversion as well as walking me through the back-porting process.