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(Updated!) New Nordic dungeon just north-east of Whiterun, this was made to fit as closely in with the game as possible. Optimized and play-tested for bugs. Made cleanly, this should not conflict with anything that doesn't change the same cell. Now roughly 2.5x larger with Dead-stone Depths!

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"Dead-Stone Barrow is a historical burial site near Whiterun that houses an unknown number of bodies from the early days of the town's history. After several explorers disappeared in the dark catacomb, locals stopped visiting the place altogether and now all talk of it is reserved for spooky stories traded over mead at The Bannered Mare."

Newly updated! Now the dungeon is about 2.5x larger with the added Dead-stone Depths. More traps of different varieties, tougher enemies and more loot, all leveled. Fits perfectly with vanilla Skyrim, lore-friendly, worth your download!

-Added interior cell
-Re-worked FX/visuals
-More lore
-Fixed small bugs
-Cleanly built and fully optimized

Originally built this dungeon in about a day, and tried to copy the style of other barrows as closely as possible. This is a lower-level dungeon that is intended to fit in with the areas surrounding Whiterun. If this dungeon feels like a base game dungeon in terms of aesthetics, loot, and enemy difficulty, then I did my job. May start doing more dungeons, please check this out and leave a review! Also thinking of adding a quest and custom voiced NPC if I can find a voice-actor.

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