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A plethora of cool tweaks and effects.

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  • Turkish
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- Removes torches from ALL guards. This effectively increases performance and reduces light flickering issues. A module without this feature is available.

- Removes ALL radial blur, including blur from deathcams, killcams, etc. This also increases performance.

- Removes the ugly tint which gets implemented upon the use of an absorb spell, by either the player character or any NPC. 

- Removes glowing edges of the player character and NPC's when either uses a spell like 'Healing' or 'Flame Cloak' etc.

- Adds missing 'Vampire Gauntlets' to the outfits/inventories of vampires. Also brings the boots' armor class in line with the
   gauntlets, just like every other piece of armor.

- Removes a conditional where a large portion of the Vampire Lord's drain damage will not trigger if Serana is your follower.

- Fixes the activation triggers of display cases added by the Hearthfire DLC.

- Animals no longer have the ability to report crimes. (Are you kidding me??)

- Crime detection radius reduced to 1000 from 4000. Changed because 4000 is an unrealistic distance from which someone
  can perfectly identify you.

- Enemy chase distance reduced from from 2500 to 1250 because enemies don't have all day to chase you everywhere you go.

- Removed the infuriating, STUPID, RETARDED ninja Taijitsu sidestep dodge move NPC's do.
   (Yes, you know what I'm talking about) 

- Torches illuminate more area. Fire is bright, vanilla torches really didn't reflect that.

- Removes silly spin dance when the Player Character/any NPC is killed. LMAO who dies dancing?

- If attacked by thugs/assassins/thieves near a guard, they will do their job and help you fight them.

- Disabled the miscellaneous 'Wizards Duel' quest as it was broken; Even if you declined, he would still attack you. 
   A module without this feature is available.

- Smelting/Tanning now levels the Smithing skill.

- Cooking levels the Alchemy skill because mixing a bunch of random S#IT levels it, so why shouldn't proper cooking?

- NPC's no longer randomly greet you. Shop keepers still greet you as normal. NPC's still chatter to each other.
   Changed this because IRL no one would just randomly start telling their whole life story to a complete stranger.

- Followers move back a greater distance when bumped into. What kind of person just stands there and lets you run into
   them over and over?

- The player character and NPC's now blink! (In 3rd person)

- All vanilla merchants not already set as 'Essential' have been set to 'Protected' (Except for Nurelion due to a quest).
   This means they cannot die in a Dragon/Vampire attack, but can only be killed by the player character.
   In the vanilla game, merchants who were killed in random attacks were not replaced, meaning there was no one to sell
   their goods.

- When you make a skill 'Legendary', it now resets to level 30 instead of 15. Every skill in the game has a base value
   of 15 (minus racial bonuses) so you were basically forgetting everything you ever knew in that category.
   This way your character retains at least some of their skill.

- Fixed the bug with the follower Hunting Bow. By default, all followers used their
   Hunting Bow rather than the bow you gave them, even if you removed the Hunting Bow from their inventory.
   Followers will also no longer pull a Hunting Bow out of thin air if they have no bow in their inventory.

- All ores and ingots now weigh '3' instead of '1' because metals should weigh more than '1'!

- Weight of leather changed from '2' to '1' so that 4 leather strips, changed from .1 to .250, weigh the same as
   one leather piece.

- Lockpicks can now be crafted in bundles of 25 at the forge. They're basically just metal sticks, why wouldn't you be
   able to make them?

- Rewards for Bounty Quests are worth more. After all, it's your life on the line here:
    -- Kill Bandit Boss - 210 gold
    -- Kill Forsworn - 250 gold
    -- Kill Giant - 850 gold
    -- Kill Dragon - 2100 gold

- Increased the price of renting a room from 10 gold to 45. Residents of a war torn country where goods are scarce and
   prices to obtain those goods are high wouldn't just be giving away rooms for 10 gold a night.
   (May not work in 100% of inns if installed mid-playthrough. IDK why. Works every time if installed on a new game)

- Raised carriage prices from 20/50 to 75/155 gold for the same reason as higher room costs.

- Bounty for murder is now 10,000 gold.

- Bounties for assault, trespassing, pickpocketing, escaping and transforming into a werewolf are 5x higher.
   In the vanilla game, the player character could commit any crime they want and pay off the bounty with the gold
   they made just by clearing 1 or 2 dungeons. If you were a member of the Thieve's Guild, it was even easier.
   Now your horrendous crimes have realistic consequences.