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A standalone, custom-voiced mage companion with custom features and currently over 340 voice lines.

Permissions and credits
Let me tell you right away that I'm glad I could finally make a completely standalone companion.
Arngjar is voiced by me and I'm by no means a Voice Actor. However, I gave it my best. Doesn't mean there's no room for improvement, though.



Arngjar is a mage companion built from complete scratch not using a single vanilla follower "asset" from the base-game.
Everything has been scripted and made from the ground up by me.

He doesn't require any other mods to function and looks like a vanilla NPC. This was an important point for me.
Arngjar is a mage from the College of Winterhold. Kind of. Find and meet him to find out more.

He's a young mage craving to learn more, so a traveler like you is a person he looks up to.

He's easygoing and calm. Another thing would be that he's eager to learn more about magic, eventhough he knows quite a lot about Destruction Magic already.

- Custom Storage
- Thoughts Dialogue
- Custom AI Packages
- Custom Combat Style
- Custom Class
- Sandboxes
- Custom List of spells
- Custom Dialogue
- Assignable Home
- Basic Vanilla companion functions
- Likes mead
- Levels up with you all the way until level 999 (starts out as level 10)
- Expert Destruction Trainer
- Idle Dialogue
- Combat Dialogue
- Can gift you items
- Over 340 Dialogue Lines as of right now

- Any fixing of bugs you may report
- Messing around with the audio volume of the dialogue lines depending on the suggestions
- More dialogue lines Done in v.1.2
- Reactions to locations Done in v.1.2
- Idle Dialogue Done in v.1.2
- Combat Dialogue Done in v.1.2
- "Can I talk to you for a bit?" option
- Command Companion Feature Done in v.1.3

You can find Arngjar in Winterhold in the Frozen Hearth Inn or outside, depending on the time of day.

Use NMM or install manually

Recommended Mods
Things that make Arngjar look younger make his voice fit more. I don't have a specific mod like that which I recommend but it'll definitely make a difference.

He's compatible with anything. Things that change how vanilla companions work isn't gonna have an effect on him however, since he's completely standalone.

I'm planning on releasing a template of my own ''framework" from Arngjar once he's more or less finished.
Like this, you will be able to make your very own COMPLETELY standalone custom companions and I will provide support for that as well. Done.