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Mihail- Joseph Russell- Christian McCooey- Blad3Zer0

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House Dres, age-old masters of Morrowind's slave trade, have returned to Solstheim. Will you aid them in their enterprise, or will you help bring them down? A short but branching location mod set in Solstheim, includes new NPCs, creatures, weapons, armors and a short but fully voiced quest with multiple endings.

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin

House Dres, age-old masters of Morrowind's slave trade, are not what they once were. Revolts, wars and the devastating eruption of Red Mountain have left the once mighty House a shadow of its former self. Many believe it to be broken, its members dead or cowering in exile. These rumors are wrong.

A strange settlement has been established in the ash wastes of Solstheim. Khajiit and Argonians are disappearing, and once more the specter of slavery looms in the dark corners of Tamriel. Will you stand in the way of House Dres' return, or will you join them in their schemes? Choose wisely, for some chains are not easily broken.

  • A new dunmeri-style settlement to the east of Raven Rock in Solstheim;
  • A fully voiced, lore-friendly quest with multiple choices and endings, 
  • written by author Joseph Russell (nexus profile);
  • Several new NPCs, the majority of them with custom new dialogue;
  • 2 new weapons, 1 new set of clothes, 1 new set of armor, 1 new ring and 2 new in-game books;
  • Two new types of Khajiit and Argonians - the Suthay-raht and
  • the Wasseek-haleel - encountered as slaves of House Dres;
  • 3 new creatures - the Nix Hound, the Bantam Guar and the Guar (in 2 variants) - 
  • brought by House Dres from their homeland of Morrowind;
  • 3 new foods, and 2 new misc items;
  • New native Morrowind flora and fungi around the House Dres settlement.

House Dres has returned to Solstheim and established a settlement to the east of Raven Rock.
Their slave trade is blossoming once again, and it is up to you whether they succeed or fail.

To start the quest, speak to the J'kidar, a strange-looking Khajiit in the Retching Netch, in Raven Rock.
He's looking to hire some help, and chances are, you're just the kind of adventurer he's looking for.
The House
Dres Settlement will then be added to your map - though if you stumble across it accidentally,
the quest will adapt to that scenario instead.

Though the quest is relatively short, it has a number of branches to suit a variety of playstyles, and there
are several different ways to resolve the situation with the slavers, some more violent than others.
Be warned, however - House Dres won't take kindly to you sneaking into their settlement uninvited,
so if you're determined to barge your way in without talking to the guard, be prepared for a fight.

Watch out for the Nix Hounds, too. Savagely loyal to their Dunmer masters, these bloodsucker
green insectoids will make mincemeat of you if you let them get too close.

Good luck, and may Azura bless you with the wisdom to make the right choice. 

Read the prequel short story here!


It is easiest to download and install the mod using Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex. If you want to do it manually,
unpack the zip into your game directory's "Data" folder, but be careful not to miss anything!


I am more than happy for anyone who would like to translate this mod into another language to do so, but please note
that I cannot provide support for translations, and is up to you to maintain it updated.

Official Skyrim Update
Official Dawnguard DLC
Official Hearthfire DLC
Official Dragonborn DLC

There are currently no known incompatibilities with this mod.

Known Issues:

  • The NPCs in the mod may not talk to you when you first encounter them. This is a vanilla bug, 
  • and may be fixed by saving the game while in sight of the NPCs in question and reloading.

This mod is Part 1 of the in-development House Dres Operations saga.


Mihail- House Dres settlement, NPCs, armors, clothes, creatures, sounds, animations,
writing of the House Dres guards lines, loot
Joseph Russell (nexus profile)- quest writing, writing and voice acting of the
lines of the two main khajiit slaves, the gate guard and Galangar Dres
Both- Mod concept

Voice actors:

Joseph Russel (as mentioned before)- two main khajiit slaves lines, gate guard lines, Galangar Dres lines
Christian McCooey (instragram)- male House Dres guards lines
Blad3Zer0- female House Dres guards lines

(This mod was made with the support of The Skyrim Voice Alliance. If you are 
interested in helping out with the development of this project or elder scrolls 
content in general, please join The Skyrim Voice Alliance server)

Some assets used on the mod belong too:

-J Hamilton and artifex0/Argonian Raptor Feet- the basis for the feet of the Wasseek-haleel
Argonians (re-modeled by me in order to create the type of feet necessary for that type of argonian)
- artifex0/Digitigrade Khajiit- the feet of the Suthay-raht Khajiits
-Tamira, Phiit, TESRenewal- for the tents and mushrooms
- Tamira/Assorted Resources- part of the clutter in the settlement
- Stroti- Strotis Outdoor Toilet 
- Ghosu/Ghosus Weapon Pack- the new daggers (stone wasps)/ also the new ring model
(in this mod used as ring of the desert moonlight)
- elinem/Hoodminir Plants and Trees - some of the flora on the settlement
- GendunDrup- Mounted Beastfolk Resource
- Nickorasu - House Dres Banner
- gutris1/Wooden Crossbow - rustic iron crossbow used by the House Dres guards (re-textured by me)
cALAMIN- for the hd cubemap 

- Mihail Romanov


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