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A new Conjuration spell book that allows the player to raise the dead, permanently, unlike Dead Thrall, this will work on any NPC , at any level. The book is wonderfully illustrated and remains in your inventory after reading and obtaining the spell.

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The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis is a grimoire inked in blood and bound in flesh, written in ages past by unknown necromancers, within it's pages are incantations, black alchemy and various writings about the arts of necromancy and conjuration. The book is legend amongst powerful mages and conjurers alike.  

In this mod, once you acquire the book and read it you will learn the spell "Army Of Darkness"  A powerful thrall spell, allowing you to raise ANY man, woman, or beast from the dead PERMANENTLY!    (yes, ANY! .. But not Dragons) If the thrall falls in battle the corpse will not turn to ash,  allowing the spell caster to reanimate them once more,The book is illustrated and remains in your inventory after reading and obtaining the spell.  (what?? no poof?) As it would be a shame to "poof" it, it has many interesting pages, and would look nice on display.. don't you think?

 NEW :     New textures / Higher quality images / Higher quality book cover / A note sent to Sybille Stentor?

Where is the book?  : You can find it on a book stand next to the Potema summoning altar in WolfSkull Cave.

What does it do?  :  The book teaches you a powerful necromancy spell, allowing you to raise ANY dead NPC to fight by your side  Permanently                                                         regardless of level, NPC type / race etc.

Anything else? :        An optional file that changes the "Twin Souls" perk (now Army Of Darkness) that allows you to raise four Deadites instead of two..

Please feel free to take pictures of your Dark Army and post them here!


The Daedric text in the books pages actually translate to English.

Reanimated Thralls will not turn to ash once they fall in battle, allowing the caster to raise them once more.

If the conjurer has the "Dark Souls" perk the Thralls will be raised with an extra 100 Hit Points

If the conjurer has the "Twin Souls" perk two Thralls may be summoned at one time, or Dead Thrall, Atronach or Dremora.

Optional file :  If the conjurer has the "Army Of Darkness" perk four Thralls may be summoned at one time, or Dead Thrall, Atronach                              or Dremora.

The spell is similar to the master level Dead Thrall Spell....

 .. However        (Dead Thrall Spell from the Wiki description)   

"Any humanoid level 40 or below may be reanimated to become a permanent minion. However, there are some considerations which might guide your decision in choosing a minion since the thrall is permanent and can be raised again if killed during combat. Note that some leveled NPCs may become unusable once you reach level 40, as they keep leveling while risen as a thrall, which may make the Dead Thrall spell ineffective if the thrall happens to die in combat and you attempt to raise them again. For this reason, you may select a thrall that has a level cap at or below level 40."

The "Army Of Darkness" variant has no level cap, and should raise any NPC as a thrall permanently, regardless of race, type or level, as long as the corpse is "intact". 

Army Of Darkness is a targeted spell, it requires you to use both hands to cast, and takes 3 seconds to fully charge.

The spell cost is set to 1000 (same as Dead Thrall) and requires Casting Perk Conjuration Master 100.

This is a "loose file" version, I will add a .BSA version soon.

Check out the inspiration for this mod : Author   Bad Gremlin

You can find the original mod and author here  .. (Just the book and no Army Of Darkness Spell or new textures) He has some awesome mods you
should really check out!

Other versions :                                                                                   Bound In Flesh    Special Edition

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