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ALTERNATE VERSION ADDED - Read below for info

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Crystal Rock Player Home


Welcome to Crystal Rock! A brand new near floating island out in Tamriel. This small island contains a new player home called Crystal Rock...
a fantastic player home surrounded by beauty and tranquility. Those who have travelled to the depths of 'Blackreach' will be familiar with
the typical blue hue, glowing stones and Giant mushrooms that this region is famous for. Why travel to Blackreach for some beauty, when you
can bring Blackreach's beauty to you! Not only a wonderfull looking island, but a very handy, neat and tidy player home for you to utilise to.

The player home itself is very neat, comforting, and not over the top with decoration. It also caters for your itemising needs, by containing
many of the commonly used containers, which are all labelled to help you store and retreive items with ease. Also included are the typical
bed, along with a cooking stove, enchantment table and alchemy table.

Outside the home, the surrounding area contains many nice ingredients, not over the top but a few plotted here and there...these have grown due
to the magical and mystical presence of the obvious glowing blue rocks. Plenty of beautifull plants, grass and flowers here to admire. Should
you fancy it, the tanning rack outside is begging to be used also.

There is an almost 'Riven' feeling walkway up to this island, lit at night by candle lit lanterns...following a path past a fantastic night view.

Under the island, you will notice the living and moving crystals on which it sits. Don't worry about swimming here, no horrible monsters have
been mutated or created by this living thing.



This is easier than you may think...the shortest way is to start from "REACHWIND EYRIE" and head directly WEST. This will lead onto a path, which
in turn will take you to Crystal Rock...if not then the map marker should appear almost instantly and guide you the way.

This is a very obvious island to spot, especially at night.

Alternate Version

*ADDED 28/02/2012*

I have now added and alternate version to download. It is essentially the base version with some adjustments that are purely cosmetic. The reason
for this version is to add a download for those who don't want certain, and possibly OTT objects and effects outside the home. The changes are
below, check out the pictures too for a couple of shots to show the different look.

- Changed the base support of the island from large moving crystals to static cave crystal pillars ( my original unreleased version )

- Removed the two animated mushrooms from the island

- Removed the three flame effects from the island

- Removed the large mushroom from the lakeside area

- Removed the three moving crystals from the lakeside area

- Removed some extra lighting no longer needed

- Lighting and effect adjustments here and there

This was originally what I had planned for this mod, but as it is with these things you sometimes end up going down a slightly different route. Im
glad I have added this version now as it's probably less strain using less objects and lighting, and adds a nice and simpler version which in my
opinion still looks great!


*UPDATED 18/02/2012*

V1.2 - Updates below

- Navmesh adjusted for home interior

- Added Navmesh to entire walkway, and outside home front (companions can now make it up to and into the home)


*UPDATED 15/02/2012*

V1.1 - Updates below

- Added dead (harvestable) fish to the fishing rack by the lakeside (giant mushroom area)

- Changed the two giant mushrooms on the rock to animated versions that 'sway'

- Added a blue flame sconce to the start of the walkway, making it more visible at quick glance

- Added an insect, dragonfly and shallow fish spawner to the lakeside

- Moved two fish spawners from original game location very slightly. They were under the crystal rock support


v1.0 - Initial Release


Any problems or questions, feel free to ask on the Skyrim Nexus Forum (where you should have downloaded this file)


Please don't modify or copy this mod without asking me permission first




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