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Rebuilds the Western Watchtower after the dragon attack. Fully nav-meshed and companion friendly. :)

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NEW UPDATE!! Version 1.1 Released (see changelog)

It should not break any quests. Feel free to play through the initial dragon battle. If you find that the dragon does not show, run through the middle of the two wooden towers along the road. This should trigger the quest. After you kill the dragon talk to Irileth. She will advance the quest.

If you like Whiterun as much as me, try this:

Think you deserve more than a s***** axe for slaying a dragon and saving Whiterun? Well think no more!

- Rebuilds the western watchtower as a player base without deviating from the stone layout.
- Adds a quartermaster to WWT
- Adds several guards to patrol WWT
- Adds officer's quarters in the main tower (for player)
- Fully Nav-meshed

Extract Western Watchtower Rebuilt.esp into your data folder

Delete .esp from your data folder

Strange LOD may appear in the distance. Working on a solution.
If you're still having problems with floating grass you may try this:

(Change-log) v1.1
- Fixed floating grass issue.
- Re-navmeshed using better tactics.
- Repositioned some of the guard patrol markers. Should help prevent them from colliding.
- Fixed chest in officer quarters.
- Added lights to torches in the tower.
- Added smelter
- Added a functioning portcullis as the main gate.