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Adds sights to crossbows. No changes to animations or camera perspectives. Also adds a feature that allows the toggling of night sights for scoped crossbows.

Permissions and credits
Simple sights for crossbows, for the simple working crossbowman. Inspired by Scoped Bows by OutLaw666.

For Skyrim Special Edition, go to Simple Scoped Crossbows - Skyrim Special Edition.

"You're a sniper, not an artilleryman."


Adds sights to the steel crossbow and dwarven crossbow, as well as their enhanced variants. Each crossbow comes with different sights design, for a total of 4. These sights align with the center of Player's screen when aiming with the crossbow (holding down attack) and are designed for first-person use, provided that both first-person crossbow animations and camera perspectives are unchanged from vanilla. This allows crossbows to be used with the crosshair turned off.

The scoped crossbows are new weapons; the mod does not replace vanilla crossbows.

Night Sights
The addition of a Crossbow Field Kit (miscellaneous item) allows the player to quickly toggle between regular sights and "night sights" (not to be confused with "night vision"). This should make it easier to use the sights in low light conditions.

How to use: Craft a field kit at the forge (misc), equip a scoped crossbow (only works for the enhanced versions) then activate the kit inside the misc inventory. The currently equipped scoped crossbow will now have the night sights. Activate again to switch back to the normal sights.

Since this works by changing the mesh of the crossbow, the stats, temper quality and enchantment of the crossbow will be unaffected by this feature.

"The Gods gave you crosshairs, and you turn them off. I can respect that." - every guard from now on

  • Dawnguard DLC - required for the assets as well as the related quest to acquire the crossbows.
  • Hearthfire DLC - required for some assets used in crafting recipes for the crossbows.
  • SKSE - required for some scripts to run for the crossbow field kit

Standard Version: Scoped crossbows are acquired by crafting them at the forge. Crafting and tempering materials follow vanilla conventions, and the Dawnguard quest and location related crafting restrictions for crossbows do apply. Skyrim lore-friendly, somewhat.

Craftable For All Version: The long lost ancient secrets of crossbow craftsmanship have resurfaced, and have been revealed to all. Vampires and mortals alike are now able to create scoped crossbows at any forge of their choosing - this basically means quest and location restrictions no longer apply. The restrictions removal also affects vanilla crossbows, as well as ammunition for the crossbows (steel and dwarven bolts). Not particularly Skyrim lore-friendly, due to the removal of quest restrictions.

Replacer Version: This version merely replaces the meshes for all 4 vanilla crossbows with the scoped meshes. No new weapons are added. The Night Sights feature and Crossbow Field Kit still work for the vanilla enhanced crossbow and enhanced dwarven crossbow.

No changes have been made to the stats of the crossbows, except for a very slight increase in weights and values to represent the addition of the scopes to the crossbows.

Recommended Set-up

The following mods, although not required, synergize well with Simple Scoped Crossbows and help improve the experience:

Immersive HUD - iHUD by Gopher. Useful for automatically turning the crosshair off when a ranged weapon is equipped, among many other nifty features.

Stealth Meter Tweak by andrelo1. Use to reposition the stealth meter away from the sights. Includes a compatibility patch for iHud, to prevent iHud from hiding the stealth meter.

No More Glowing Weapons Mod by PukinDumpling. Scoped crossbows uses lenses on the sights (purely aesthetic purpose), and when the crossbows are enchanted, the enchantment glowing effect will extend to these lenses as well, making it harder to see and aim through the sights. This helpful mod works by turning the enchantment effect transparent, although it affects all weapons in-game as well.

ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks by kevkas. Use the bolts tweaks to increase velocity of bolts fired e.g. +25% or +50%, for faster bolts with flatter trajectories to make it less difficult to score hits on targets further away.


  • The glowing weapon effect on enchanted scoped crossbows will partially obscure the lenses on the sights. While still serviceable, short of removing the lenses from these weapons, it is recommended to install the "No More Glowing Weapons Mod" (see recommended set-up above) which works by turning the effect transparent. However note that this will affect all enchanted weapons in-game, as they all share the same effect shader.

  • If a save game is made while night sights are in use, then when the game is rebooted and the saved game loaded, the crossbow with night sights will default to its original no-night sights model. The field kit will have to be used again to toggle the sights. Reloading a saved game without restarting the game will not produce this issue.

  • Any mod that modifies the first-person animations for aiming crossbows will probably not work with this mod. This includes custom skeletons that alter the manner in which crossbows are aimed (hold down attack button).
  • Any mod that tweaks the first person view or camera perspective will most likely not work with this mod.
  • If using Enhanced Camera, in the SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini you will have to ensure the following are set to 0 to disable the "third-person arms" view:


  • Both versions do not replace vanilla crossbow meshes. As all scoped crossbows use their own meshes, they will not conflict with any other mod that modifies vanilla crossbow meshes.
  • Scoped crossbows share the same textures with their vanilla counterparts, except for the sights which use their own. Mods that re-texture the vanilla crossbows will also change the textures of scoped crossbows, and should work fine. Note that the looks of your custom crossbow texture may not fit with the scope designs.

In that regard, this mod should be compatible with most other mods.

Additional Notes
These are inherent in the base game:

  • In first person view, when aiming at least +/-30 degrees vertically from eye level (horizon), then due to the player's first person animations the crossbow model will shift downwards slightly, resulting in the sights deviating vertically downwards from the center. The effect becomes more pronounced as the angle increases. To counter this effect, when aiming at steeper angles try aiming with a point between the center and top of the reticle.
  • While aiming, there is a small weapon sway effect taking place that causes the sights to ever so slightly veer off from the aiming-point. This is a purely cosmetic effect and is part of the vanilla first person animations for crossbows; it will thus not affect accuracy in any way.

Download and install with mod manager of choice, and add/activate the mod.

If pursuing a manual download option, simply extract into your main game folder, overwriting the "data" folder and files if any, then ensure that the esp is activated in the game launcher. Note that if any existing files are to be overwritten (indicating that you may have other mods that conflict), it is best to make a backup of them and take note of which mods they originated from in case you need to revert.


Deactivate the mod in your mod manager, remove/delete if desired.

If uninstalling manually, go into your data folder and delete all the mod's files. Folders involved are meshes, textures and scripts, as well as the esp. Refer to the mod zip file to identify which specific files to delete.