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Adds Signifers to the Imperial Legion in Skyrim.

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The Imperial Legion is in Skyrim and is marching across Skyrim fighting to put down the Rebel Stormcloaks. However, where are their standards? The Imperial Legions are based off the Roman Legions of our world so wouldn't there be a Signifer? A rugged soldier carrying the standard, a military emblem, of the Legioninto battle. A symbol of power and discipline?

After painstakingly putting this off for a while to work on other projects or lazing about. I finally put this together for release.

I placed two signifers at each Imperial Camp across Skyrim. Each with a different signum (standard).
I plan on putting a signifer into some of the Siege/fort battles but it's not playing nice with me.
The mod includes two scripts that tell the Signifer to correctly hold the Standard at all times unless inside a building. They will actually put away the standard if inside. The Standard has a somewhat Rallying cry effect placed on them that will buff nearby allies. (Thank you Tan for making the scripts)

I have made a patch for Immersive Patrols to include a Signifer for each Imperial patrol and battle.
As well as the Mod Camp Argentum. CA already includes a Signifer follower to which I edited him to have my Signum (Standard).


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