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Transforms all of Skyrim into winter. Updated 3/13/20

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Winter Overhaul 2019

by mobiusbelmont

Special Edition version now available 

General Overview

Winter Overhaul 2019 makes the following changes:

- snowy and snow storm weather in all regions and vanilla/dlc worldspaces 

- patch for Falskaar now available

- shorter daylight hours

- replaces all non snow textures with snow via CK (mountain trim, roads, bridges will all have snow)

- all buildings are covered with snow including matching LOD

- landscape has snow everywhere and matching LOD. Snow re-textures should be compatible (but may cause seams)

- 3-D Tree version features snowy trees by Vury and Mathy79

- snow textures by Luxor8071

- vanilla tree version with vanilla and a few vurt models is also available

- billboards available for all trees and landscape and LOD textures available for use with DynDOLOD.  3-D LODs are being worked on 

- all living plants removed for winter, harvestables have not been altered

- This mod does NOT add snowy clutter to cities and towns, to maintain maximum compatibility with town/city overhauls

- Tundra overhaul with snow drifts and blowing snow coming in future update.  Ice on water and waterfalls is also being worked on

Compatibility and Mod Recommendations

- install landscape and re-texture mods like HD Skyrim, 2K textures, Noble Skyrim, etc FIRST, then install this mod and overwrite.  Some overhauls like Vivid Landscapes may not compatible

-  This mod uses textures from Real Snow HD 2K by luxor8071 and is fully compatible out of box with said mod

- As of version 1.7, nearly all mountains, trim, and rocks have been replaced with their snowy variants.  If you have an old copy of Better Dynamic Snow I highly recommend it for this mod 

- compatible with Frostfall.   A patch is now available in the miscellaneous files section for users of Frostfall 3.4.1.  This patch allows Frostfall to recognize  all of Skyrim as wintertime.  Please provide feedback in the comments section if there are any issues

- compatible with Wet and Cold.  Wet and Cold users should enable the "winter" mode in the MCM (game mode, change default to winter)

- this mod changes all vanilla trees and most plants and is therefore NOT compatible with other tree and flora overhauls

-  this mod is my own creation from scratch.  Uninstall any other winter overhauls before installing this one.

- LOD for buildings has been altered via CK so HD LOD replacers should work.  Install all HD LODs and install DynDOLOD FIRST, then install Winter Overhaul

- this mod alters grass and landscape so grass mods may not be compatible, load them before WinterOverhaul.  (Grass mods and landscape re-textures are not recommended for novice modders and need some work...see above comment on how to remove seams by re-naming high res snow texture)

- this mod changes regional weathers, so some weather mods may need patches  (Climates of Tamriel Winter edition is NOT compatible)

Highly recommended mods (install these after installing Winter Overhaul and overwrite if asked)

- Regional Ice and Snow (RIS), patch available in the optional files section

- Real Snow HD 2K by Luxor8071, patch available in optional files section

-  Winter is Coming cloaks 

-  Wet and Cold with Winter mode or Frostfall

-  No Snow Under the Roof

- Better Dynamic Snow (with No Snow under the Roof patch)

-  Snowy AF Windhelm (highly recommended as my mod does not touch towns and cities)

- Vivid Weathers and the optional winter season plugin (load order: vivid weathers, then winter overhaul, then winter seasons plugin)


Only install ONE main file!  Choose between 3D or 2D/vanilla version.   

install one of the main files first (version 1.7) , then install the version 1.8 update and overwrite.  This update is compatible with any of the main files

Install Core files plus billboards if you plan to generate LOD with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen.  

- Install LOD for TES5LODGEN first, then install this mod

- Install DynDOLOD first, then install this mod 

Lower resolution textures also available for both 2D and 3D versions in optional section.  Install the appropriate main file first and then overwrite with appropriate performance textures

A patch specifically for Frostfall is now available in the optional files section.  This allows for Frostfall to have all of Skyrim recognized as winter.


version 1.0: initial release with 3D and Vurt trees

version 1.1:     - removed all weathers without SN (snow) designation from Tamriel worldspace for better Frostfall compatibility.  
 - changed format of all files to 7Zip for better mod manager compatibility (sorry for the headaches)

version 1.2:     - removed snow from common tables and shelves (if these are used in the exterior then they will not have snow)
-  added an all snow, all the time version

version 1.3:    -   removed pink tundra plants from mod
- disabled some flora in Whiterun causing issues
- fixed bare patches without snow in Whiterun
- removed snow from interiors
- removed and as they were causing inside Whiterun

version 1.4
- changed road textures and landscape textures for a better blended environment
- added more snow to more exteriors: cities, towns and ruins
- added 3 new tree models
- removed ugly flat leaf piles from Riften
- changed most landscape textures to all snow
- deep snow added to exteriors of southern holds (more to come in future updates)

version 1.5 
- fixed some ugly landscape seams (more to come)
- added snow drifts to the southern holds
- removed all the vertex colors from the landscape in CK to remove ugly colored patches on the snow
- added a version with 2D mostly vanilla trees
- added more snow to objects (fix for interiors is coming in future updates)

**re-uploaded all 1.5 files and removed terrain LOD meshes for Tamriel as they were causing issues

version 1.5 A
- applied the correct vanilla game snow shader to all directional snow 

version 1.6
- changed snow and road textures for better blending.  Snow textures c/o Luxor
- added patch for HD Snow 2K by Luxor
- landscape fixes and regenerated LOD
- added bigger pines version
- updated Regional Snow and Ice (RSI) patch for version 1.6
- removed ALMOST all the living, non snow covered plants.  Harvestable plants left unchanged
- changed 4 trees to better looking vurt models
- added performance textures for the 2D version

version 1.6A 
- fixed wild edit to glacier shader

version 1.7
- added a patch for Falskaar
- assigned LOD via CK for objects to eliminate pop in
- changed a few textures for better blending with roads and other static objects
- removed snow from Blackreach and interiors
- more landscape fixes and removed more ugly vertex colors from the landscape
- replaced exterior statics with snow covered variants for an improved look when using Better Dynamic Snow 

version 1.7-A Falskaar Patch
- fixed all errors in the plugin.  No more missing walls on forts, and fixed LOD

version 1.8
- removed dirty edits, errors, and cleaned plugin (it is also a bit smaller in size)

Mathy79 for 3-D tree  and plant models and textures
Luxor8071 for the amazing snow textures
Vurt for snowy pine and plant models/textures
Zilav for billboard generator and TES5LODGen
Sheson for DynDOLOD
Bethesda for CK
 xEditLodGen for distant landscape texture LOD, object and tree LOD