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This mod will give you the chance to build your own noble fiefdom with your own hands. You will only start with a small shed and a tent, but in time you build a whole village and your own fortified noble house. Each building will yield revenue and produce materials that will be deposited daily in your shed.

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Warning: this mod requires all DLCS and the updated game.

The version to  Skyrim SE Download here

LC_Build Your Noble House  

This mod will give you the chance to build your own noble fiefdom with your own hands. You will only start with a small shed and a tent, but in time you build a whole village and your own fortified noble house. Each building will yield revenue and produce materials that will be deposited daily in your shed. The order of building will be determined by you. Your great noble home is designed for you and your family - a spouse with up to six children - as long as you have the mod (link) and bless your residence after building it.   

You use Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions, you can use the 'Bless this home' spell to enable spouses from other mods or the vanilla game to live in the keep as your spouse.  Please note the information about the differences in this mod, and be sure to use the spell in the main hall to the keep.

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If you would like to thank me for this mod, please read below. Otherwise, you can skip
the text, which is not related to the mod itself. (See spoiler)

Greetings to all my dear friends and followers! Thank you for reading this text.
If at least one of you get what I’ll be saying here and put in practice what I’m writing
about, or, if my words help you somehow, all the effort I dedicated to the creation and
development of this mod, as well as so many others, will be made worth it.

Have you ever thought about what you have been doing to make the world a better
place? It is a hard task, isn’t it? Specially when we find ourselves immersed in personal
issues, essential/existential problems, heavy work routines, and the list goes on... I
understand it–better than you can imagine.

Yet, one day I decided to suspend the exterior queries and get some time to look inside
myself. “To look inside oneself?”, you might ask. It can sound weird at a first, as it was
for me in the beginning of this intimate and profound journey—a search for something
superior. I started reconsidering my behavior, analyzing my right attitudes and mistakes
from the past. From then on, I began working on each one of my faults and weaknesses
by looking at myself as if I were an spectator, observing me in the third person. With
each of my faults mapped, I started observing what was leading me to commit each
error. This task takes time, the results don’t come overnight, but it will transform you
substantially, if you allow it to happen.

I eliminated most of my anger, hate, greed, envy, and vanity, among other
imperfections. I still have a lot to learn and I hope to die learning. Hence, I try to be a
little better every single day. Scientific studies have shown that negative emotions cause
diseases such as cancer, and they have a huge negative social impact. I’m not better nor
worse than anybody else; all of us have these and other imperfections to smaller or
greater degree.

These negative emotions are the reason why so many people are starving in the world,
or pay huge amounts of money for medicine that are in fact, cheap to produce—in such
a way that few can make fortunes. And those who need it most don’t have access to
basic necessities—while corrupt politicians steal taxpayer's money with their insatiable
and deranged greed.

This is only a small part of the troubles caused by these character flaws, which are truly
a worldwide disease. Yet, you all know about the problems of the world. What many
people don’t know it is how to start solving these problems, how to improve the quality
of life in the world. Along the years, I listed some of my conclusions and inspirations. A
good point of departure is to start following these steps:

1– What you do not want done to yourself, do not do onto others.

2– At a certain point in your life you will harvest the seeds of the good and the bad you
have done. It can take many years, but one day what you have done will get back to you
(so, do good deeds, “greasy soul”! lol)

3– Try to take something good out of the bad things that happen to you. There are
lessons to be learned.

4– Before criticizing others, try to put yourself on their shoes and ask yourself if you
wouldn't do the same, or how would you act better under the same circumstances. Know
yourself very well before judging the others.

5– Try to always show a positive attitude. This attracts good things (yeah, it is hard, I
get it—specially with a half dozen trolls salivating on your neck, but be faithful and you
will succeed).

6– Don’t take things for granted. Be grateful for the good things you receive, and for the
ones you already have, by forgetting for a moment what you don’t have.
Very well then. Look at the #1: “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to
others”– How much better the world would be if everybody followed only this thought?
Much, much better... wouldn’t it?
Folks, think about it. How can we make the world a better place if, so often, we
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It is simple: start by improving yourself. Practice the list above. I put it in practice and I
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Look inside yourself. It all starts with this. Question yourself, and, if feasible, follow the
six steps above. I can assure you the world would be a much better place if people
followed it. You might not be perfect, but you can be a little better at each day. It is up
to you.

Well, that’s it. I may not be the Lord of Universal Truth, but I’m talking to you with an
open heart, sharing my two cents. I hope no one will take a wooden baton and beat my
head with it thinking I’m crazy... Or, perhaps it is the world that is?
Open your eyes and your consciousness. Thank you for reading this far. I wish the best
for each of you. The power of change is in the hands of each one of us. Don’t wait for
the change to happen—be the change!
Peace and light to everyone.


Where is it located? 
It has active marker called Fellburg in the "Falkreth hold" region, which you can see on the map.  

How do I start building?  

1- You start building in the small initial shed at the carpenter's desk.  You will have to gather several materials and build the construction order at the carpenter's desk. 

 2- After this, with the construction order in hand, you should go to the plan table, and build the building referred to in the construction order of step 1. Construction will be only allowed if you have the corresponding order in your inventory.  Note: Some construction orders only appear to be placed after other buildings have been constructed.  For example, wooden walls and guard towers are requirements to hire guards.  

Where do I get so many building materials?  

I made this mod for you to get the materials in various ways, they are: 

 1- You can collect for yourself, using the clay mine and/or the stone mine, and cutting your own firewood.  These are the most used materials and therefore you can collect them in the camp right away. 

 2 - Since not all the materials can be initially collected in the camp, I placed several barrels in various places throughout the region of "Falkreath Hold."  Barrels of "building materials" can be collected and in this way, you can evolve and build your noble manor gradually while exploring the Falkreath Hold regions. 

 3- Building your own buildings will produce materials and income for you.  For example, the iron mine will produce iron, woodcutter produces firewood, clay mine produces clay, etc .... So think about that while you are building, as it may help you.   

4- If you are in a rush and would like to accelerate the construction of your fief still more, I suggest that you first build a carpentry. The carpenter manufactures daily materials such as locks, hinge, etc. and deposits in the material keg. In addition it can buy you large amount of materials of all kinds. (use wisely not to lose grace okay?) I suggest mixing between buying and collecting, and never buying everything in the carpenter, but it is up to your own personal taste.   


1- Build your own noble home and village from scratch. 

2- Great castle that has support for a spouse and up to 6 children. 

3- Coat of arms and custom banners to symbolize your noble home. (see optional files)

4- New custom armor set for guards. 

5- Functional mirror in your room that allows you to change your appearance. 

6 - Build the buildings and receive your daily income in barrels and chest in the initial shed. 

7- Traders to enhance the economy, located in the temple, blacksmith, alchemist and general shopkeeper. 

8- Complete village with all interiors and exteriors.

 9. Collect honey daily in your apiary. 

10- Two follower guards found in barracks. 

11- Modify your guards' clothes to stormcloaks, imperial,  Falkreath, fellburg, dawnguard, blades, thieves guild, elf and dark brotherhood .  Hold guards, or keep your custom uniform. (Talk with guard in throne room) 

12- Many soils for planting, for the player to grow plants (build Farm). 

13- Banner options (optional files) - click to choose to replace your family banners with the stormcloaks or imperial banners according to your choice in the civil war.

14- You can replace Banner to Falkreath Hold banner, dawnguard and others (Optional files).

15- Change your appearance in mirrors.

16- Functional bathtub in your room.  

17- Displays for exotic things like dragon claws and masks.

18- Dynamic treasure room, deposit the gold plus the hall it will be decorated (minimum of 10,000 gold maximum at 130,000)   

Where are my income deposited? 

In the small initial shed, the gold in the chest, materials in the material Barrel and food in the Barrel of food.  Note: All proceeds are deposited daily. 

 Structures that can be built.    

1- Iron Mine / Produces iron ore, and 400 in gold.  

2- Clay Mine / Produces 20 Clay daily, and 200 in gold.  

3- Lumberjack house / Produces 20 of firewood, and 50 in gold. (requires wooden walls and full guard towers to be built.)  

4- Apiary / Produces 10 of honey, and 50 in gold  

5- Farm / Produces 10 straw, 10 potato, 10 cabbage, 10 flour and 200 in gold. (requires wooden walls and full guard towers to be built)  

6- Blacksmith / Produces 15 iron fittings, 15 Nails, 200 gold. (requires wooden walls and full guard towers to be built)  

7- Trader / Produces 300 in gold.  

8- Temple / Produces 120 in gold.  

9- Carpentry / Produces 2 Lock, 2 Hinge, 2 Glass, 100 in gold.  

10- Hunter House / Produces 10 Venison, 10 Leather, 15 Leather Strips, 150 Gold.  

11- Training Field.  

12- Expansion of the Camp.  

13- Water well.  

14- Wooden walls.  

15- Guard towers.  

16- Field guards.

17- Lake deck

18- Tavern

19- Alchemist

20- Hen House

21-Advanced Post (outside of village se map maker "advanced post")

22- Castle exterior.

23- Castle Interior. ( need build first castle exterior)

Attention: create a save game before installing this mod as a backup.  Do not overwrite that save, so you can revert to it in case you want to uninstall this mod.
Install using a mod manager such as NMM or MO to install LC_Build Your Noble Family.
Extract the following files to a folder of your choice:
Seq Folder

Place the above files in your Skyrim data folder, then activate the mod.
Removing the mod:
Disable in NMM or other mod manager and return to your save created before installing this mod.
Go to the Skyrim data folder and delete:

LC_buildYorNobleHouse.seq in seq folder


Thanks for your valuable support padawanJedi :)

Celtic Decor for Skyrim I by DarkRider

Upper Class Furniture Pack V2.0 by monk_ide

Modder's Resource Pack Oaristys e Tony67 

FoodContainer Resource

BookSets Resource by Blary

Griffon Fortress Resource By mr_siika

Yet Another Guard Armor by VAultMaN30

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension