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UUNP conversion of Ashara Imperial Outfit

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Trick or treat! Here is another UUNP conversion to kick off some fall fashion with Ashara Imperial Outfit. Make Taarie from Radiant Raiment think twice about her outfit for once! j/k :P

Ashara Imperial Outfit (obviously...)
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
XPMSE (only for HDT)

Download with Vortex (if you're currently using) or any other mod manager. Launch BodySlide and click on "Group Filters". There will be two options to choose from: Ashara Imperial Outfit HDT and  Ashara Imperial Outfit Non HDT. If you do not see these, exit out of group filters, click on the "magnify glass" icon and click refresh outfits. Once refreshed, click choose groups and check if they have appeared. Choose which option you want and click build.

The belt for the outfit is only conformed to the torso and stomach sliders. I let out the belt as much as possible but beware when using pregnancy belly, because it may clip like crazy. All retextures work beautifully with the conversions. Have a look at my own screen shots! :)

Added all optional files from Ashara's Imperial Outfit such as: Imperial Elisif Outfit, Imperial Party Outfit, and Imperial Wedding Outfit. All files can be found on the original mod page. The bodyslide files contain everything from my previous work (HDT +Non HDT), but made it very easy to change your appearance on the fly. Meaning if you selected the long dress for the party outfit and would rather have the short dress, you can skip uninstalling the mod (unless you want to change your textures), and just rebuild the dress you want through bodyslide. You can change your mind midgame and rebuild the dress you like right on the spot. Pretty cool, huh?

All credit goes to Ashara for creating an amazing outfit and giving me permission to publish my conversion. Without her work my conversion will not exist.
Ousnius and Caliente for making BodySlide and Outfit Studio so nerds like me can make conversions.
Groovtama for making an amazing HDT skeleton and not ctd ( least not as much)

Mods Used in Screen Shots:
Rudy ENB
Facelight Plus
Mikan Eyes
Improved Eyes Skyrim
KS Hairdos
UNP Jewelry Variants
Age of Empire Jacknifelee
Retexture by Elaneith