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Features a new dungeon Caverns Of Chaos that I made in 2015, you can get there by heading North East of Korvanjund. Gather your followers and come prepared for a grand adventure!

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Caverns Of Chaos was originally a small dungeon that I put together to get used to mod making again. I used to make dungeon mods in the past but I've been focusing on new land mods recently and decided to reupload some of my old work for everyone and to have more of a variety of mods to manage. The mod has a long history to it spanning back almost 5 years and I didn't want to let it sit on my external drive, it would be a disservice. I wanted to upload it from my new account and manage it better. I am releasing this as a BETA because I can still improve upon it in different ways and fix things I might have missed my goals for, also if you are having any in game issues with the mod check the (important) section below as your issue might be covered there. The dungeon has no lore in it's current state but I may add some in future updates to make it more interesting, if you have not had the chance to explore this dungeon now is the time! As always if you enjoyed your time I encourage you to leave an endorsement and stop by the comments to leave a post.

I don't consider myself a veteran mod maker with flawless work, I make mods in my spare time as a hobby and I try my best with the tools available to me. I created and balanced this mod with classic Skyrim's lighting, assets, and default brightness settings so I need you to please keep in mind that everyone uses different lighting mods, different ENB, different in game brightness settings and even different load orders for their mods so each of you will experience this differently.

This mod has been cleaned with Tes5edit before and after play testing it so if you are experiencing issues of any kind for whatever reasons I apologize for that. I personally recommend keeping a backup of your Skyrim game or Data folder somewhere safe, perhaps on an external drive of some kind of a cheap 64GB thumb drive and keep those in anti static bags. I like to follow this rule when trying other peoples mods in case something goes wrong and there is no harm in it.

At the moment Caverns Of Chaos should be compatible with every mod as it does not change core game play, add scripts, or anything of the sort. It only uses classic Skyrim's assets.

The only thing you need to play Caverns Of Chaos is just the base Skyrim game, a sense of adventure, and a little enjoyment :D

You can get to Caverns Of Chaos by going North East of Whiterun and traveling towards Korvanjund, head a little bit more North East and you will be greeted by the Caverns Guardian.

You will find a decent amount of loot inside and will come out as a battle hardened victor with a newfound sense for adventure!

If you have not made a back up of your Skyrim or Data folder then please do so at this time, if you do not care then proceed at this time.

1. Go to the files section and click download with mod manager and either nexus mod manager or vortex mod manager should open and start downloading. (I personally dont recommend using vortex mod manager until it improves further). Once it is finished click the mod and click activate.

2. In the files section click download manually and save the archive to your desktop or wherever you wish. Extract the archive and place the .esp file in your Skyrim data folder.

1. Keep the mod forever as a tribute to me! Just kidding, open nexus mod manager or whichever mod manager you use and click uninstall mod. Once it is done click the mod and press the delete key to remove it from the mod manager.

2. Open your Skyrim Data folder and find Caverns Of Chaos.esp and delete it from there.