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[About Afiara and this mod]
This a tiny mod I'd made for myself, but then I figured there is almost no mods related to afflicted. Thus I share it with others, because afflicted are truly UNIQUE, with their own combat style and abilities.

Afiara technically is a replacer for one NPC of the Afflicted faction, though heavily modded.  Her backstory is revealed when entering the certain cell in Bthardamz during the quest "The only cure" - just don't rush in and be quiet :)

Another thing you should consider before downloading - I will not tell you where to find her :) Yes, you should take Peryite's quest "The only cure" and Afiara is sure somewhere in Bthardamz. This is pretty obvious. She should be there even if you have finished the quest - the afflicted respawn after some time, but Afiara will respawn only once.

Other than that, there are 2 more additional "surpises" in this mod. Again, I won't tell you where exactly :) The one is one-handed also PaH-dependant follower in Black Reach, and the other is a corpse for necromancer to rise - a CombatMonk archer (Light Armor) and healer in Mzulft. They will be named, so you should notice them.

Afflicted Race
Height 1.05, Weight 30
She will have 90% of your level and should level up with you, max 100 level.
Bandit Melee Class and Human Melee lvl6 Combat style
She actively uses afflicted breath, also she is the Alchemy trainer up to level 100 (version 1.4 and above)
She has perks for Alchemy, One-Handed and Heavy Armor, so give her appropriate items.
She is NOT essential, but protected

She has a default vanilla body, but I use CBBE and CBBE Body is seen on the pictures. But she should assume anything you have in your game.

[Installation and Update]
Download, extract and simply drop all the files to your Skyrim DATA folder, merge when prompted. Or use your Mod Manager.
For update, just do the same, merge files when prompted.
For those of you having a problem with Afiara respawning (after "The only cure" is finished and Bthardamz is cleared): open console (press ~ to open) and type: resetinterior 0005a857 Press enter and close the console. All these while being somewhere outside Bthardamz.
Version 1.5. It's an optional version for those of you, who liked her armor and blade on the screenshots, but are not willing to download them separately from the links provided below. With the all credits and respect to ReflexShooter and hucifer, I provide version 1.5 with the armor (CBBE version) and sword included. Also, the proper dialogue added. YOU DO NOT NEED THIS VERSION IF YOU HAVE THEIR MODS ALREADY INSTALLED, AND YOU CANNOT USE THEM TOGETHER WITH THIS VERSION OF MY MOD. Install instructions are on the download page in the file description.

[Recommended Mods]
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The Witcher 2 - Geralt Light Armor and Witcher Swords by hucifer
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[Permissions and Credit]
You can use this mod as you like, just credit me. The mod should be bug-free, but anyways you can report and I'll see what I can do.

ParadiseHalls - Skyrim Slavery WIP by layam
Sleek SteelReplacer and Stand-Alone Armors for UNP-UNPB-CBBE by ReflexShooter
TheWitcher 2 - Geralt Light Armor and Witcher Swords by hucifer
ExpandedJewelry Crafting by lautasantenni

Bethesda for creating Skyrim

1.0 - first creation
1.4 no PaH version+Alchemy training
1.5 armor and sword added