Sleek Steel Replacer and Stand-Alone Armors for UNP-UNPB-CBBE by ReflexShooter
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Last updated at 7:22, 14 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 9:02, 13 Sep 2012

SleekSteel - Form-Fitting Steel Armor Replacer and Stand-Alone - UNP-UNPB-CBBE

I've tried to create a more distinctive replacer for the default steel armor in the game. These are replacers for the female armor only (I wouldn't even know where to begin on a male version.)
There is also a "Stand-Alone" version of the armor, for those who wish to still use the default version. Currently, there are versions for the UNP, UNPB and CBBE body replacers.

Although the mod is called "SleekSteel," the armor itself is called "Fine Steel" in-game. This was done to make it easier to find with the console "Help" command since there are very few items with the keyword "Fine." I also thought that "Fine Steel" was a more "lore-friendly" name than "SleekSteel." And yes, I know, the armor itself isn't exactly lore-friendly! ;-) The Stand-Alone Version is also listed as "Fine Steel" in the steel menu when you wish to forge it or improve it.

MAIN FILES: These are all the current versions of the armor. All the "Stand-Alone" armors can be forged and upgraded under the "Steel" category as "Fine Steel." If you've already downloaded the armor, you don't need to download any of these again. My custom textures for the Stand-Alone and Full Replacer armors are also in this section.

UPDATES: "CBBE Boot-Fix by ChronoTrigger77." New meshes that replace the current boot meshes in all 3 versions of the CBBE armor; Stand-Alone, Full Replacer & the Custom Texture User Version. All are in seperate files in the ZIP, so just use the one for the armor you have installed.
Graciously contributed to the cause by ChronoTrigger77. Even if you don't use my armor, you should still grab these boot meshes as a replacer for your default boots!

OPTIONAL: Having gotten a number of requests for the bodysuit as a "stand-alone," I opted, instead, to offer versions of it as a modder's resource. As I use variations of the textures in other mods, I'll also be uploading them here for modders to use as they see fit...Have fun!
UNP - MeshBodySuit - Modders Resource
UNPB - MeshBodySuit - Modders Resource
UNP - AltMeshBodySuit - Modders Resource
UNPB - AltMeshBodySuit - Modders Resource

Thanks I1nknown for making it one of your mods of the week!

Thanks, svaalbard for including my mod in your video!

Current Versions:
CBBE SleekSteel Stand-Alone v1
UNP SleekSteel Stand-Alone v2
UNPB SleekSteel Stand-Alone v1

CBBE SleekSteel Full Replacer v1
UNP SleekSteel Full Replacer v4
UNPB SleekSteel Full Replacer v2

CBBE Custom Texture User Version v1
UNP Custom Texture User Version v4
UNPB Custom Texture User Version v1

CBBE Optional Textures - BlueSteel v1
UNP-UNPB Optional Textures - BlueSteel v2

CBBE Boot Fix by ChronoTrigger77

UNP - Sleek Steel - MeshBodySuit - Modders Resource
UNPB - Sleek Steel - MeshBodySuit - Modders Resource
UNP - Sleek Steel - AltMeshBodySuit - Modders Resource
UNPB - Sleek Steel - AltMeshBodySuit - Modders Resource

These are the final versions of the armors...At least for the time being.

The replacers will over-write the meshes in the "meshes/armor/steel/f" directory, if any exist.

However, these files WILL NOT over-write any textures in the steel armor directory. Instead, a new folder,
"SleekSteel," will be added to the "Armor" directory. This will be the home of any updates to the texture
files. ALL the replacer meshes will point to textures in this file. Since both male and female vanilla armors
share the same textures, I had to make a separate file for my female replacers.

Dimonized UNP Female Body by Dimon99
UNPB Blessed Body by Calyps
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition-CBBE- by Caliente

To Install:
Drop the "data" file into your "Skyrim" directory

To Uninstall:
Delete the following Directories:

Replacer Versions

Stand-Alone Versions
Also delete the "SleekSteel_StandAlone.esp" in the Skyrim Data directory


09-12-12 - WIP - First Upload

09-13-12 - Various minor fixes - sorry, no version numbers

09-14-12 - WIP_v2.0 - Adjusted the size of the belt to fit closer to the body. Removed the alpha property from the belt bag to fix texture glitches. Made adjustments to the NiTriShapeData and Shader Flags on the Chain-Bodysuit mesh to adress some of the "flat & shiny" texture issues.

09-15-12 - Stand-Alone WIPv01.0 uploaded. All other files cleaned-up and brought up to date.

09-16-12 - UPDATED THE .ESP - A minor fix. The "World" and "Menu" model for the boots came from the default steel armor directory in the original .esp file. The new .esp corrects this oversight.

09-17-12 - NEW TEXTURE FILES - uploaded new, optional textures for the armor.

09-17-12 - NEW BOOT MESHES - Versions of the default steel boots that don't have clipping issues have been added as updates to all existing files. Updated versions of the existing files to be uploaded soon.

09-18-12 - UNPB VERSION

09-19-12 - Cleaned-up file structure and details page.

09-25-12 - Uploaded CBBE versions of armor.

09-26-12 - Uploaded a corrected version of the CBBE Full Replacer.

09-30-12 - "CBBE Boot-Fix" added. Description page edited.

10-02-12 - Uploaded a fix for the "UNPB SleekSteel Full Replacer WIPv1" that replaced the incorrect UNP cuirass meshes with the correct UNPB version of the meshes.

10-03-12 - Uploaded "UNPB SleekSteel Full Replacer WIPv2." This is the corrected version of the armor for new users. Moved "UNPB SleekSteel Full Replacer WIPv1" to the "Old" section prior to deletion.

11-28-12 - Deleted all old files. No updates to current versions.

11-29-12 - Added UNP and UNPB bodysuits as modders resources.

12-10-12 - Added alternate versions of the UNP and UNPB bodysuits as modders resources.

Credits and Acknowledgments:

Thanks to Mak07 for "Remodeled Armors for CBBE v3M"
Thanks to asianboy345 for "Remodeled Armors - UNP Version"
Thanks to NPR/Kurese for "R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set for UNP and CBBEv3" & "R18Pn 06 - Diano Armor UNP and CBBEv3"
Thanks to selobl for "Diano Armor for UNP-BBP"
Thanks to Dimon99 for the UNP Body Replacer & "DIMclothes-SET1"
Thanks to Calyps for the UNPB Body Replacer
Thanks to Caliente for the CBBE Body Replacer
Thanks to ChronoTrigger77 for the CBBE Boot-Fix

And Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim, "The best train-set in the world" (to paraphrase Orson Welles)

A very special thanks to everyone who decided to try out the efforts of THIS new modder!

And I should also thank the makers of the following:
Photoshop CS5

And Mr. Coffee! ;-)

A Note to Modders:
As you can see, I've only used the "MacGyver" method of modding with this armour...I've used bits of other artist creations to make something new, and, hopefully, fun. I use NifSkope and Gimp because they are free programs and easy to use for ANY modder. I even use Gimp to create my Normals. I do, however, use Photoshop to compress my textures, since it's a program I already owned (the .dds plug-in DOES work with the more affordable Adobe Elements Suite as well!) I made the choice to use these programs whenever possible since most "Newbs," like me, have limited access to more robust software. I guess I just wanted to bring the whole sense of old-school, "kit-bashing," into my work.