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Fast traveling from the map now costs gold based on the distance traveled.

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Just as it says on the tin. Fast travel is still enabled, but it now costs you an amount of gold according to the distance between your current location and the target map marker (in global world units). If you do not have enough gold, you can still fast travel, but you can optionally accrue fast travel debt such that subsequent fast travels cost more.


SkyUI: Fast Travel Costs is configured through an MCM.

How does it work?

When you open the map, your current world position is noted. When you close the map, if that position changes, the distance between the original position and the new position is calculated. That distance is multiplied by a fraction of gold to determine the cost of the fast travel and gold will be deducted when you arrive at your destination.

What if I don't have enough gold?

If gold debt is enabled, all of your gold will be removed and the remainder will become debt. The debt will be included in the cost of subsequent fast travels until you have enough money to clear it.

If gold debt is not enabled, all of your gold will be removed, but no debt is accrued.

Is it configurable?

Yes. The gold multiplier can be adjusted from 0.0 to 1.0 with granularity to 5 decimal places, and gold debt can be toggled on or off.

What about Solstheim, Bruma, or other new worlds?

The world positioning and distance calculation is universal, all new worlds should work just fine.

What about carriages?

No changes were made to carriage costs.

Are there compatibility issues?

In general, no. You may experience unpredictable distance calculations with mods that allow fast travel from interior locations though.