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Simple female presets

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These presets will require KS Hairs, and most of them start with The Eyes of Beauty. This started with me wanting to use a preset from Botox of Skyrim. The latest version of that mod has wonderful presets, however, you need Chargen.esp from botox active to access them. My setup doesn't play well when chargen esp from botox active.  So through racemenu i did a roundabout and exported face sculpt from Botox preset and then imported face sculpt back into Racemenu, did some minor changes and ended up with a nice  presets for me to use. With consent from Botox author Koiwe (the community thanks you) i went and created a preset for all applicable races.  

From my testing,after loading presets in game, when making changes to character, some presets play nicer with The Eyes of Beauty than others,  Not all hair styles will work/look right, i have 800 something hairstyles showing in Racemenu, this was not a problem for me. 

Requirements: KS Hairs, The Eyes of Beauty,  some of the presets have SG Eyebrows, some have Maevan2's Eyebrows though you can probably go into racemenu without either, should be fine

Other requirements as of now: Optional mouthhumanf_nif found at Female Facial Animation mod here

All presets were made with characters weight set at 50. I was able adjust weight after loading preset without problems. 

Credit: Botox of Skyrim
            KS Hairs
            The Eyes of Beauty
            SG Eyebrows
            Maevan2's EyeBrows