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A succubus is a highly attractive half- woman half-goat daedra of Sanguine, created by him for joy. They are not particularly violent, and are motivated and bound on Nirn by one thing and one thing only: an insatiable lust. They try in vain to slake this by engaging in sexual acts with any other humanoid species they encounter, of all genders.

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A succubus is a highly attractive half- woman half-goat daedra of Sanguine, created by him for the joy of sex. They are not particularly violent, though they draw energy from their sexual partners to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion. Unlike the big part of daedra, succubi feel no desire to kill, do not crave human blood and usually do not, in fact, mean any harm at all. They are motivated and bound on Nirn by one thing and one thing only: an insatiable lust. They try in vain to slake this by engaging in sexual acts with any other humanoid species they encounter, of all genders. While it must be admitted that their "victims" rarely put up much resistance, this does not mean succubi do not present any danger: their never-ending advances, though pleasurable at first, have pushed more than one man to madness or even death. Succubi usually can be found on human settlement, including small villages and populous cities, commonly on taverns, guard barracks, prisons and noble houses. They shower their affections on men as well as women, the young as well as the old, the ugly as well as the beautiful. Some of them are particularly fond of priests and other holy men, whose seduction they treat as a sort of game. Though succubi are peaceful by nature, when forced to fight they will defend themselves fiercely. One should thus not be fooled by their fair appearance – under the velvety skin of their arms lie muscles of iron, and a blow delivered with their swords can easily crush bone. This swords are embedded with their power to drain stamina, so be carefull. Also they are specially good charm spell casters, and can easely make a fight turn into nothing by calming all the people around them, what they use much times when two men fall in love by one Succubus engage in a fight to death. This is also dangerous if you try to fight one with followers at your side, since she can easely turn them into passive watchers for a long time. Succubus also have some fire destruction magic capacities.
You will see if a Succubus is getting aggressive if she starts to be covered by a red energy, what commonly occurs prior to a big charm spell explosion that effects everyone around you and her.
Some rarely can be found on the wilds close to dead men, commonly soldiers, and will attack on sight. The fans (and clients) of Succubus commonly say that this are cases when the group tried to harm the Succubus, instead of starting an orgy, but this may or not be true. Despite this, most Succubus are harmless and are very well accepted inside cities, being one of the few daedra with this acceptance, what some scholars speculate that can be a result of them using the charm spells constantly on the environment around them.
Because their lust and constant seek for sex with everyone completely for free and just for pleasure, Succubus are the main type of prostitutes in provinces like Skyrim, Cyrodiil and High Rock, where regular human prostitutes have no chance at all, and this is the main reason why you don't find prostitution on this provinces, since there are Succubus offering sex for free, 24 hours per day, in almost each settlement, for men, women, elf, khajiit, argonian, ..., that wants to just have sex.
Her male counterpart is the Deovel, and a corrupted Succubus is called Maenad.


- 1 new type of daedra:
Succubus (in 6 variants),
all do respawn, and have special behaviour in combat

 more daedra to your game, and more lore elements
to immersive sex related mods 

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

ABOUT MIHAIL MONSTERS AND ANIMALS: It will include animals, monsters, undead and Daedra to expand your gameplay in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Since I don’t have many yet, I’ll be releasing individual mods for each creature, but in the future, I will release a complete Mihail Monsters and Animals pack.

Mihail- re-modelling of the original models, parts of the models 
and textures, animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED- for the original Succubus models and textures
Hidanna- for better female hands
Kalilies (and the people that worked in his project)- for better hair since the original one does not look that good in skyrim