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About this mod

This Mod adds the fantastic music made by Vindsvept to Skyrim!
The Music is completely Lore -friendly and free to use for Youtube Videos.

Permissions and credits

Skyrim Special Edition Version

The Description contains:
Description of the mod
- All music I added with this mod
- Some Example of music
- Compatibility
- Installation
- Credits/Permissions
- Note (for extra information)

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And check out Vindsvept for more Music!


This is a compilation of music by Vindsvept

This mod adds over 3 hours of unique, Lore-friendly, Immersive, Celtic/Fantasy music made by Vindsvept
Full YouTube Playlist 

The Music is completely Lore-friendly and free to use for YouTube Videos.

There are two types to download in the Files selection

1. Without Vanilla Music
2. With Vanilla music

Both Mods also replace the Main menu music with Dream of me.

 If you want to have another music played you just have to overwrite this mod.
If you want to have the vanilla music back you have to delete the "special" folder in the "data\music" of my mod.

All music I added with this Mod:

All 55 Music-tracks

more coming soon!
Order of the music

Let me know which music you want to have, in a future Update

Some example of music that is played in-game with this Mod:

more music on his Youtube-Channel
Vindsvept, fantasy music


Immersive Music: If you want to add this mod you have to install Immersive music first, otherwise my mod will be nearly completely overwritten.

Compatibility note by Personalized Music:


with manager:
just download the mod and install it with your favorite Modmanager.

manual installation:
just put everything in the "data" folder of my mod in your "data" folder of your Skyrim directory (steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim)


If you want your own music in the game you can simply add them to the right folder. For example if you like to have some new music while exploring at day simply add your music to "explore - day" and change its name to "MMExploreDay13, MMExploreDay14, ..., but you have to convert your file to an .xwm otherwise it may not be played or Skyrim will crash (I use MultiXwm)


The Mod was made with Personalized Music - Add your own music to Skyrim by No_Aardvarks_Allowed otherwise i had to spend hours in the creation kit

and of course with the fantasic music by Vindsvept
The music can be used according to the Creative Commons License


Audio quality 48kb/s

Let me know in the Posts selection if you have any tips or ideas what can be edited or added to my mod

I'm not a native english speaking person so please excuse some mistakes I made.
If you find any wrong spelled word or grammar let me know through the Posts selection :D