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Last updated at 23:39, 16 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 0:47, 13 Feb 2012

Skooma is a highly addictive narcotic in the world of Elder Scrolls, but, in my opinion, Skyrim doesn't represent this very well. Skooma in this mod will provide better bonuses while high, a withdrawal effect, possibility of overdose, and a visual drugged effect. I have tried to stay as lore friendly, and balanced as possible.

*a visual drugged effect [sleeping tree sap effect]
*high level of stamina regeneration (allows virtually unlimited power attacks and sprinting) [+25 per second]
*very modest boost to move speed (stackable) [+5 move speed per use]
*small health and magicka damage to allow for overdose [-2health -5mana per use]
*a long "withdrawal" period (very difficult to regenerate stamina). [-5 per second]
*craftable at a cooking spit [3 Moonsugar + 1 Nightshade = 1 bottle]

Steam Workshop:

I plan on continuing work and adding more features to this mod as I learn more about the CKit. Comments are always welcome.

==Future plans==
considering adding a few alternatives to the standard Skooma (suggestions+wip)
plans for adding Skooma Pipes to the game (wip)
plans to add feature that will flag skooma as "illegal" (wip)
balance stat gains, losses and vendor pricing
integrate minor move speed buff
tested and balanced crafting skooma recipe.

Update v1.2.1
-hotfix: overdose numbers were wrong, fixed.
Update v1.2
-added a modest (stackable) move speed buff.
-added a very small initial health and magicka damage (once per skooma) for a chance of overdose when drinking large amounts of skooma at once.
Update v1.1
-balanced cooking ingredients and skooma value with merchants.
-removed the stacking portion of the withdrawal effect.
-reduced stamina drain on withdrawal effects by a small amount.
Update v1.0
- added craftable skooma at cooking spits.
Update v0.5
-changed skooma stats, now restores stamina per second for 60 seconds.
-added a stacking withdrawal effect that lasts 5 minutes after initial "high" wears off