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Makes radiant quest no longer send you to locations outside of the province of Skyrim.

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  • Polish
Quests Are In Skyrim makes radiant quest no longer send you to locations outside of the province of Skyrim. More exactly, only locations that belong to one of the nine vanilla holds are chosen when choosing a target for the respective quest. Note that this affects only quests started after the installation of the mod - and sometimes quests are already running without the player being notified.
The following quests are affected:
 - The Break of Dawn
 Companion Quests:
 - Animal Extermination
 - Hired Muscle
 - Trouble in Skyrim
 - Family Heirloom
 - Escaped Criminal
 - Rescue Mission
 - Striking the Heart
 - Stealing Plans
 - Retrieval
 - Totems of Hircine
 - Dragon Seekers
 College of Winterhold Quests:
 - Enchanting Pick-Up
 - Fetch me that Book!
 - Shalidor's Insights
 Thieves Guild Quests:
 - The Burglary Job
 - The Shill Job
 - The Numbers Job
 - The Fishing Job
 - The Sweep Job
 - The Bedlam Job
 - The Heist Job
 Dawnguard Quests:
 - A New Order
 - Hide and Seek
 - Cleansing Light
 - Preemtive Strike
 - Hunting the Monster
 - Ancent Technology
 - Rescue
 - Lost Relic
 Volkihar Vampire Quests:
 - The Hunt
 - Culling the Beast
 - Deceiving the Herd
 - Protecting the Bloodline
 - Ancient Power
 - Rings of Blood Magic
 - Amulets of Night Power


This mod will conflict with each other mod that modifies any of the aforementioned quests (with the exception of most Companion Quests).


Version 1.1

 - A New Order (Dawnguard): Gunmar will only spawn in Skyrim.
 - Radiant Companion Quests are now fully restricted, wether you've visited other regions or not.
 - Incorporated new Unoffical Patch Fixes

Version 1.0

 - Initial Release

Skyrim Special Edition