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The long awaited installment is finally here, Skyland Riften.

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Skyland - Riften
The long awaited installment is finally here, Skyland Riften. Complete with 2k textures with 2k normals. Created from photogrammetry textures, Skyland Riften offers stunning AAA visuals and stunning details. With hyper realistic texture generation, you'll see light interacting with the textures, small sharp details, and large visuals only found in the Skyland series. Skyland Riften covers all city textures and ratways, including leaves and tombstones!

Check Out This Great Video by Hodilton

Make sure you install the complete Skyland Library for a seamless experience.
Skyland - A Landscape Texture Overhaul
Skyland - Whiterun
Skyland - Imperial Forts and Dungeons
Skyland - Standing Stones
Skyland - Towns and Villages

Install as you would any other texture mod anytime during playthrough allowing Skyland Riften to overwrite other mods found in Riften. 

To ensure that you get the full benefit of Skyland Riften, please rename riftendoor01.nif to riftendoor01.nif.bu. This will for the game to use the vanilla mesh instead of SMIM of any other mod. If/When you remove Skyland Riften, all you have to do is remove the .bu from the file name and all is back to how it was.

You can find the file at \Data\meshes\architecture\riften

I would include it myself, but I do not have access to that vanilla file to include it.

Uninstall normally any time during a play through.