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Hello! If you've found yourself here, I thank you. Not sure what you would like to find on this page, but I guess I'll talk a little about me and what I've done.


So as you may or may not know, I created the Skyland library of mods and the Granite Hill mod.


Skyland was something I've always wanted to do especially after the advent of some great software released recently that allows for the creation of hyper realistic maps.

This is different than the traditional texture art that is usually comprised of various source images, blended together by hand, and then stitched together to remove seams. Whilst this is good and has yielded great results in the past, the new wave of technology in the field of texture generation has allowed the creation of stunning visuals and improved process workflow. This makes updating easier, better quality, and an elimination of past issues like being able to discern step and repeat tiling and bad blending practices.

Seeing that this technology hasn't hit the Elder Scrolls, I decided to try it out. I hope you try it out to and let me know what you think!


Although I've never made a mod for an Elder Scrolls until I made Skyland, I have been modding games and creating 3D assets since 2004.


My main programs are 3d Studio Max, Quixel Suite, Photoshop, and various other programs for photogrammetry and video editing.

Granite Hill is my first "real" mod in the sense that it requires scripting, working in SSEedit, creating NPC's, etc.

Let's just say that whilst it's easy on the surface, to achieve the completed goal is not.

Bear with me while I learn and I hope to contribute more to this great series and great community.