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Adds a quest to unlock the Dwemer automaton follower named MARI to the game.

Permissions and credits
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Meet MARI.

She is voiced by Kerstyn Unger.

How To Get Her

There is a small quest that starts when you read a book that details a mysterious automaton project. If you prefer not to find the book organically you can place a quest marker on it by clicking "Start Quest" in the MCM. There is also an option to skip the quest entirely and immediately meet MARI.


MARI is made using custom assets made from scratch by me. She features an assortment of modelling features including but not limited to: nif-file-based animations - both looping and scripted, "animated textures," and .TRI files for eye animations. She uses custom animations for movement, which requires FNIS to work properly.

She has some scripted features like flying over obstacles if the player gets too far away (and maintains line of sight for efficiency). She has different "screens" that display based on certain circumstances like waiting, combat, trading, or discovering new locations. While relatively light on dialogue (179 lines as of version 1), most of it is triggered dynamically instead of firing at random to prevent staleness. For example, she'll comment if you wait, sleep, complete a quest, etc..

There is also an affinity-type system. The intro quest explains it further, but her dialogue will unlock and the tone will change as you spend time with her and during certain "events" in which her eyes change color.

The rest you can discover for yourself.



MARI requires SKSE and FNIS to work properly, and SkyUI if you want access to the MCM settings.
MARI is incompatible with follower overhaul mods, and they should ignore each other by default.


BowmoreLover - Testing
Rohzima - animation resources
Fore - FNIS
Schlangster - SkyUI