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This plugin dynamically changes the fMaxTime value to fix Skyrim's physics behavior at >60 fps.

Permissions and credits
SSE Version

Make sure the latest version of SKSE is installed and running correctly.

Windowed mode users:
The physics glitch can still occur when alt-tabbing.
To fix this set "bAlwaysActive" to 1 under [General] in your skyrim.ini

[How it works]:
Skyrim's physics engine (HAVOK) is designed to run at 60 fps.
That's why it normally updates every ~16,7ms (1000ms / 60fps).
If your game runs on higher framerates some bugs can appear (Water splash sounds, water flickering, animals flying, objects moving by themselves, etc...).
You can fix this by setting the "fMaxTime" value in your ini according to your framerate - but this method only works on a specific framerate.
That's why I made this plugin, which dynamically assigns a fMaxTime value according to your current framerate at runtime.
This allows you to have an unlocked framerate without suffering from HAVOK's issues.

[How to Install]:
Just install with your favorite mod manager or extract the zip file into your Skyrim root directory.

This plugin has been tested and is compatible with Vanilla Skyrim, ENB and with SkyrimReloaded.

This reddit post for exposing a possible fix, which I built upon.
unknowncheats for the many tutorials on Direct3D hooks.
kapaer for providing the source of Safety Load from which I took some SKSE code.
SKSE's team ofc.