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Whiterun Stronghold is one of a number of hidden fortresses built by a secret organization within the Empire in preparation for the resumption of the war against the Thalmor. It is hidden under the mountains between Whiterun and Riverwood within convenient walking distance of Whiterun.

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Whiterun Stronghold


Whiterun Stronghold is one of a number of hidden fortresses built by a secret organization within the Empire in preparation for the resumption of the war against the Thalmor. The mod has 4 major locations and 2 minor locations linked by teleport stones. The teleport stones require a fair amount of magica and or skill in conjuration as well as some risk to use as they were created by a mage that had a reputation for making enchanted devices that were both powerful and unreliable. To use the obelisks cast the spell at them that matches the color of the obelisk that you wish to move to. There is also a bookstore in Markarth that is not part of the stronghold complex. There are no quest markers. You will simply have to search for items and locations by following written clues

Whiterun Stronghold

Theme: Military base, storage and display

Location: Centrally located, it is hidden under the mountains between Whiterun and Riverwood within convenient walking distance of Whiterun. The main Stronghold has a hidden entrance on either side of the mountains. Those entrance areas can be used as basic player homes until you gain access to the Stronghold  itself as there are a bedroll, cooking pot and player chest in each of them. 

Access: You begin the game with a letter authorizing you to take command of the Stronghold. How you came by that letter is left to the player's imagination. The letter informs you of the location of the Stronghold and that you can get the key from the former Commander and where to look for him. If you lose the authorization before reading it the stronghold will not be accessible.

Description: This is intended as a working base and not as a family home. It is centered on a common area for eating and relaxing. To the north are the private quarters of the commander and a treasure display room off of that. To the east of the commons are two large rooms, an armory, and a mages’ study. To the west is the working area for the staff. There is a small barracks, private quarters for the permanent staff (a mage, a guard and a housekeeper), a pantry, kitchen and workroom for weapon and armor maintenance. To the south of the workroom is an escape route through to the other side of the mountains.

Assets: An armory with named storage and mannequins. A mages’ study with alchemy, enchanting, shrines to the 9 divines, and respawning naturalist displays. Display room for treasures. Kitchen area with cooking pot, oven and respawning pantry. Workroom with anvil, grindstone, workbench and tanning rack. There is a smelter at the southern exit near Riverwood. Barracks with 9 unowned beds. A mage/merchant

Hidden Crater

Theme: This is simply a pleasant place to relax, gather flora and possibly do some hunting. Just stay out of the graveyard at night.

Location: In the mountains south and east of Skyrim.
Access: The spell book for the green crater obelisk is located in the stronghold. It is not accessible except by using the obelisk.

Description: A cloistered garden in the center of a hidden grass and tree covered crater. 

Archmage's Chambers

Description: No changes other than adding an obelisk and it’s spellbook to the entrance area.

Access: Gain access to the Archmage’s chamber

Madril's Hideout

Theme: A hideout suitable for a solitary thief, assassin or vampire.

Location: West Skyrim. Midway between Markarth and Solitude.

Access: The key to the hideout can be gained from the owner of the bookstore in Markarth for a modest 10,000 septim bribe. You must read the Second Report: From Winterhold in the Stronghold first to have that option.

Description: The ground floor is rented out to two khajiit. They have the use of it for their business in return for acting as caretakers. The upper floor has a mages’ workroom and temple to Nocturnal. The basement has a secret living area for the player.

Assets: Mages’ study with alchemy, enchanting, staff enchanting and imbuing chamber. Madril's Enchanted Ring which will make use of the obelisks easier and safer. There is also a magical cage to summon creatures for study. The creatures are behind a magical barrier and cannot be killed. They are only for observation. The temple to Nocturnal has a shrine to Nocturnal that will give blessings if suitable offerings are made. The temple also has the 13 doomstones. The caretakers consist of a fence for disposing of your stolen goods and an alchemist specializing in rare, imported or illegal potions, drugs and beverages.

Autumn Mist Manor

Theme: family home.

Location: Mountains south east of Skyrim. Reached through an old smugglers’ route to the far side of the mountains.

Access: Buy the key from the builder that Madril hired for a hefty 40,000 septim price. To be able to buy it you must first enter the stronghold and read the journal that gives his name and location. The option will not be available until you do.

Description: The top floor of the manor consists of a library and a mages’ study. The middle floor has a living area, master bedroom and children’s room and an exterior courtyard divided into a garden play area and a working farm area. The bottom floor has kitchen, pantry, servants’ quarters and a cave containing a sacred healing pool.  

Assets: The library has many bookshelves. The mages’ study has alchemy, enchanting, shrines to Boethia, Mephala and Azura. Also an enchanted mirror and two devices that enhance enchanting and alchemy for a short time. Each can be used once per day. The children’s room has 4 child beds and an unowned double bed for the caretakers of your choice. The kitchen has a cookpot, oven and pantry. The working area of the courtyard has a smithy, a pen for a cow, goats and chickens, a plantable garden area and a mill. There is a cook/merchant and a smith/handyman pair who live downstairs.

Smugglers' Den

Location: Solstheim near Raven Rock.

Access: You must find the hidden entrance. To find it you will simply have to search carefully.

Description: An abandoned smugglers den which also works as a basic camping spot for you to stay at while exploring Solstheim. There is little in there but a bed, cookpot and chest. 

Thieves' Guild Trophies

Those Thieves' Guild trophies in the vanilla game that were previously not takeable (Jeweled goblet, ect.) were replaced by takeable versions. Those can be displayed in the Stronghold but probably not in other custom displays

Naturalist Display and Pantry Items

The naturalist display and pantry items like the bread platters and soup pots will now respawn every 24 hours in the stronghold, hideout and manor.

Quick Access Guide: For those with no patience


 Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn

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Changes from version 1.5 to 1.7
Small bug fixes.
Re-wrote cage script again.
Naturalist display and pantry items now respawn every 24 hours (must be outside of cell).

Changes from version 1.4
Cosmetic changes to clutter, lighting and room bounds.
Teleport Spell changed from Alteration to Conjuration.
Madril's Ring: spell changes and no longer disenchantable.
Display room activators fixed. See spoiler to recover lost items.


Changes from version 1.3
Hideout access changed to no longer require Thieves’ Guild membership and increased price.
Autumn Mist Manor location added.
Reworked teleport obelisks to no longer be in linked pairs. Now you can move directly from any obelisk to any obelisk that you have the spell for.
Completely redid the script for the magical creature cage
Minor item placement fixes

Changes from version 1.2
A bookstore added near the entrance in Markarth.
The Thieves' Guild trophies and Barenziah's Crown altered to be takeable.


Alchemy Clutter Resource by Blary
Ingredient Wall Art Resource by Blary
BookSet Resource by Blary
Weapons wall art by InsanitySorrow
Clutter Stuff by InsanitySorrow
Tapestries by RoboBirdie
Oriental Rugs by Volek
Modder’s Resource Pack by Oaristys 
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
Elianora’s Extra Resources by Elianora
Bunny Toys by Flintone
ResourcesForModders by Runspect
Remove clothes tutorial by Subtanker
Talos statue and Dragon Priest Mask stand by Tamira on Elderscrolls Forum
Tutorials by Darkfox127, Hellcat5, Alexander J Velicky, Antony Bellingham, and many others


Main stronghold will conflict with any added structures in the same location.
Items added to the Archmage's chambers near the top of the stairs may conflict with items added by other mods.
The bookstore in Markarth may conflict with any structure added in the same area.
This mod may conflict with any mod that alters the Thieves' Guild trophies, and my trophies will not be placeable in displays from other mods.

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