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Adds over 60 robed steel plate armor variants to the game. Variant for each hold with color and logo, as well as factions, in Dwemer, Robed Steel Plate, Orichalcum, Ebony, and Dragonsteel. Shields and weapons included.

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Fixed a bunch of issues, added a new armor set, Iron Dragonbone, which is a retexture of the iron armor! Let me know of any problems! NMM download should also now be fixed!


Welcome BACK to Skyrim Knights and the 2018 Edition ...... this mod that originally aimed to expand on the Steel Plate armor, which I STILL have such a soft spot in my heart for :) The 2018 Edition expands on it EVEN MORE adding over 40 new armors to the mod!

Firstly ..... special thanks to Natterforme for all his help with the Dragonknight Full Helm, and for letting me use his steel plate helmet mesh for my own helmets, and to Madcat221 for giving me permission to use his Robed Steel Plate mesh. Cheers gents!

I first released Skyrim Knights 6 years ago. I barely knew what I was doing and was stumbling through most the process. Five thousand endorsements later and I decided to finish what I started. Thanks so much to everyone for their support and kind words. Your appreciation makes all the time spent on this project and all the shit I caught from my wife for screwing around with video games instead of being outside worth while ;) haha

This mod adds over 60 new armors to the crafting lists of the forge based on Madcat221's Robed Steel Plate as well as some weapons and other goodies. I have completely retextured the robed parts on all armors so there is a variant of each hold armor and faction for all armor types. I have also expanded on the previous Orichalcum and Ebony versions and included Robed Steel Plate and Dwemer versions. Each version has defense ratings and crafting requirements of it's vanilla counterparts (Dwarven Smithing for Dwemer, Orcish Smithing for Orichalcum etc.). The robed steel plate armor requires a second rank of Steel Smithing to craft, and the Dragonsteel version will require you to have the Dragon Armor perk. The Dragonsteel version comes with a white robe option, a black robe option and a dragonskin robe option all with Daedric defense ratings. Dragonsteel Shield also comes in two versions.

The mod also adds 4 arrow types to the crafting list of the forge. Mammoth Tusk Arrows (Ebony damage rating) and Eldritch Arrows (which require Arcane Blacksmithing to craft). Eldritch Arrows explode on impact, triggering the same explosion the rune traps do. Haven't played with these much yet so I'm not sure if they are unbalanced or not (Likely way too powerful but I was barely denting a dragon with them in my game). In addition the mod adds 5 new sword types. Two are retextures of the silver sword and greatsword. They are equal to ebony swords for damage. Two swords are Dragonsteel versions of the silver sword and silver greatsword mesh which require the Dragon Armor perk to craft. The last sword I've named Uznahgaar (since when I made the sword I hadn't finished Dawnguard yet) It's meant to be an endgame sword with a damage equal to Chillrend. It also requires the Dragon Armor perk to craft as well as the Arcane Smithing perk as it's a magic weapon. It does extra damage to dragons and fire damage to all others and uses a retextured Elemental Fury animation when drawn from the scabbard, and I've found that if you run around with it in your hand NPCs will comment about you setting things on fire haha. The Dragonbone staves once again require the Dragon Armor perk and Arcane Blacksmithing as they are magic weapons.


Install using Nexus Mod Manager or just drop the ESP and BSA files into your DATA folder and activate the ESP. To uninstall just delete both files.

Be careful updating ..... I have not tested yet to see if you will have to get all your items again if you update! Make a backup save before loading! I have made the file name the same so there SHOULDN'T be any issues with loosing inventory when updating.

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