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Liches are a powerful type of undead. They are mages who prolonged their lifespan through the use of one or more types of necromancy and black magic, thus transforming themselves into powerful immortal beings, but in a decaying appearance and condition, and with the constant need to feed on souls to maintain their existence in that undead stage.

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Liches are an extremely powerful type of undead. They are mages who prolonged their lifespan through the use of one or more types of necromancy and black magic, thus transforming themselves into powerful immortal beings, but in a decaying appearance and condition, and with the constant need to feed on souls to maintain their existence in that undead stage. They are undead necromancers which have embraced the power of Lichdom during their lifes, placing their soul in an object called a Phylactery as a life-guarantee, which is usually a jar, urn, a chest or an amulet. Extremely intelligent and powerful, they are always resurrected if their Phylactery is not crushed, but the artifacts are allways completely hidden in the darkest places of their lairs, so, commonly who defeats a lich only vanishes the current physical manifestation of her, and she will allways return. Some scholars believe that the Phylactery artifact is actually just the middle stage of the process, and used just on the process of stabilization to the new undead form, and after that it is no more necessary, being then destroyed by the lich, to avoid the existence of achille's heels that can compromise her existence, since it is the best way to destroy permanently a lich's "life" without killing her directly. The downside of this is that by destroying their own Phylacteries, they lose the guarantee of return if their mortal forms are destroyed. But the fact is that little is actually known about how it all works, since Liches in general do not give interviews to curious and excited scholars.

They are selfish and power-hungry, destroying all in their paths on their searches for souls to 
increase their power and lifespan. There is a constant necessity for fresh souls, or the lich will 
start to loose power, untill the complete disappearance, when the lich would become just a 
wraith, or vanish in the air resulting in a pile of ectoplasm. This means that the Phylactery, despite being a powerfull artifact, its not a "all-mighty" tool that grants completely the immortality of who created it.

In order to become a Lich, one must force his body into death and beyond through mysterous paths. 
The mage that wants to become a Lich must have great necromantic knowledge in the dark arts, because 
lichdom is very hard to accomplish, taking large amounts of time and sacrifices, as the souls of innocents are needed to achieve lichdom, and higher amounts of pain from the unwilling victims produce a purer and stronger form of lich. It also requires a powerful magical relic, as it acts as a casting focus for the spell used to take the souls from the victims, and the higher a relic's power is, the more painful the soul tearing will be. Due to the amount of effort to accomplish lichdom, it's very rare for a traveller to encounter one, as most will stay in tombs studying obsessively. Some Liches have been known to disguise their true form using Illusion magic to lower the defenses of unwary travellers, but most of them are obsessed with their immersion on the study of the dark arts at a point when they no more care about the living society around their tombs and hideouts.

The Dragon Priests of Skyrim managed to achieve their own form of Lichdom using a similar process 
by making their servants give their energy to them in a daily basis by their own will, but commonly 
this is not the common way to liches, since requires a constant soul absorbing, because if too 
much energy was sucked up at once, the voluntary donors would simply be destroyed.

Because they are corrupting nature, subverting mortality, which is a central rule in the lives of men, elves and other sentient races, the immortality of liches costs a price, since a lich does continue to age, but slowly, which means that after a certain moment they literally start to rot "in life", which explains the corpse-like appearance of most of the liches we find. Liches recently in this new condition tend to be similar to the living, and hardly distinguishable. The rotten appearance appears over time, although it is known that simply dealing with the arcane arts of darkness is enough to damage anyone's physical body. A Lich's undead condition itself is controversial, and is due more to its appearance than to having actually died and been resurrected by herself or having been resurrected by others, unlike Bonemasters, since a Lich never actually died, despite from subjecting himself to experiences of death and near death being a described part of the Lichdom process, a Lich never really died definitively to become one. There are, however, exceptions such as Dragon Priests, already a different type of Lich by themselves in the way of acquiring such a stage. They did subject themselves to death and subsequent resurrection as undeads (on their own) and sustained by the energy continually donated by their followers (now resurrected as draugrs). This is largely due to the religious character of Dragon Cult, with its own rules and beliefs, and to its prophecies for the future, including the return of the Cult when Alduin returns. Many even believe that the great first wave of what would become draugrs were forcibly buried alive to guard and "feed" the dragon priest residing in that tomb, while others with less drastic views of Dragon Cult argue that to prepare an "army" for the cult, they started a tomb long before Priest's death, burying his dead there over the years, to serve the Priest after his death, at which time the tomb could be sealed, or continue to receive more dead over time, further increasing the Dragon Priest's power.

Very old liches may no longer even have a body, controlling only a skeleton, but being equally powerful, if not more so, due to the long time of existence in this condition. Although very slow, the aging of a Lich, as mentioned, is real, and the body ends up deteriorating with the passage of centuries or millennia, if the Lich does not have magical knowledge to contain, or even reverse, such a thing.

Liches are some of the most powerful undead as they are able to cast vast amounts of 
spells, such as destruction elemental magic, and are able to control undead such as skeletons 
and zombies, and also daedras. They apparently can resist magical attacks, and therefore are 
not to be trifled with; extreme caution should be taken when fighting with one. Liches can see 
those that are invisible, and have a relative immunity to all weapons although they are able to 
be killed by them. Additionally, they are able to regenerate health when wounded. 

Physically, as mentioned, Liches appear to have decaying skin and bodies. They generally wear robes 
with a helm and shoulder plates, bracelets, and carry a staff that they use for combat. 
Another form of Lich is the Nether Lich, which have a transparent, ghost-like form; they 
are weaker than regular Liches, however, as said before, they are on that stage because 
one of two motives: the process was not perfect, because many possible reasons, much times 
because the mage was not powerfull and wise enough to do it, and the other way that produces 
the apparition of a Nether Lich is simply when a regular Lich starts to loose power 
because she no more manages to feed on human souls.
You can also find in Apocrypha the Restless Liches, necromages extremely hungry for knowledge 
that ended traped on the realms of Hermaeus Mora, and the mysterious Dread Lich, only found 
in Soul Cairn, guarding ruins, chappels and the lifedrain crystals. Looking at their outfit they 
resemble powerfull diseased kings or nobles, specially due to their ebony crowns and ornaments,
and they still carry with them the magical artifacts they used to suck souls during their process of acquiring Lichdom, which can be seen in the form of floating crystals around them, covered in spiny metallic structures.

Liches have no good relationship with Vampires, and both will engage in combat. Most 
Liches are in control of at least a small undead and/or necromancer army, and are master 
Liches can use shock or ice magic, but they all also use life drain spells, 
are excelent necromancers and able to control, turn or banish daedras, also they can cast 
Silence at you, what drains completely your magika for 40 sec on the beggining of each battle. 

- 1 new type of undead-
Liches, in 7 variants:
Nether Lich (eletromage)
Nether Lich (cryomage)
Lich (eletromage)
Lich (cryomage)
Restless Lich
Dread Lich (eletromage)
Dread Lich (cryomage)

- they have new sounds, special effects, behaviour, drop powerfull lich staves, and have fair loot

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- half of the liches model, re-modelling of the other half, half of the textures,
improvement and enlargement of the other half, animations, loot, effects, game implementation
writing of the liches lines (i inspired myself on Adventure Time's 
lich lines, obviously adapted here to tes universe)

Voice acting:

Amin Khani- dubbing of the Liches lines

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

RustyShackleford69- more lore info about this creature
CD PROJEKT RED - i used some of their outfits and clutter models and textures for
part of the liches outfits and clutter models and textures, also i modified
an undead witcher's vanilla head for the liches head.