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Have you ever looked at all the main holds in Skyrim and stood in awe of the unique architecture only to walk the streets devoid of life? This mod adds tons of new NPC\'s to Solitude (more holds will gradually be added!) that will roam the streets!

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This mod adds tons of new NPC's to Solitude (more holds will gradually be added!) that will roam the streets! During the day nobles, farmers, and regular citizens will walk the streets, occasionally stopping by shops and merchants to browse wares and then go to their designated rest area. At night the scum of the city will come out of their inns and roam the city.
Each day of the week a different npc comes into Solitude, be it a traveler, a merchant, or a few Thalmor agents checking in on Solitude's Temple of The Divines.


-30 npc's added to the Solitude city

-some npc's come on certain days of the week

-each npc has several different paths to take and picks them completely randomly

-certain npc's come out in the day and some in the night

-most npc's have unique names based on their race

1.4 Review by MMOxReview(watch for 7:26):


German(Norden) -

Japanese(Yakume41) -

Russian - TBC


V5---- Added 10 more npc's, implemented the new random pathing script(npcs will now choose random paths every time they walk, added merchant hidden in an alleyway, added a boy and a dog, most npc's now have unique names based on their race Added bard. As of this update Crowded Cities is stable and all that is left is adding more holds(next update).

V4----npc grouping/single-file walk fixed for realz, added more patrol points, fixed the alley man clipping into the wall, changed Thalmor Justiciars from very aggressive to non-aggressive and non-essential, fixed merchant hours of operation

V3----Added 8 more npc's, each of these npc's will appear for each day of the week(merchant on saturday, vigil on tuesday etc. look around and you'll find them. Fixed citizen grouping a bit more.

V2----more npc's, more paths and stops, no more clumped up groups of citizens, added chopping block, some npc's now have their homes in preexisting houses, most npc's now have leveled loot depending on their wealth.

Next update(s)
More night-dwellers, more npc's, children, vendors, guards, interacting with npc's

Please report bugs that are within reason of this modification.