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Victoria Helen, a story of Earl's Daughter. Who are sexy, Bloody and have a touch story on the life
Who is a very Strong Fire and Ice Spellswords Skills.
Location: Riften Temple of Mara

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All In the front

I have a small story for my daughter Victoria Helen,

Who are sexy, Bloody and have a story

Please see my daughter's story


Because Have some feedback need non-tattoo texture,
I have done it for you

Victoria Helen Story

Name: Victoria Helen
Race: Nord
Family: Helen Family
Marriage: Yes
Height: 1.00
Weight:  60
Body:  UNP
Skin: Fair Skin
Weapons: TwoDual Sword
Spells: SwordsMagic Skill
Armor: Included Normal Armor
Location:  Riften Temple of Mara
Levels with Player
Please use with EFF is best
ENBs in Screenshots:  CR, Snapdragon

Who is a very strong fire and ice spellsword fighter in skyrim.
This is normally human version,
In my story, who will die in front of his father,
and his father re-life her use the method is......
make her become a Super-Vampire.......

HDT Physics (Armor Versions)

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Thisis a gorup for mods create and if you are Deep Dark and Fantasy
If you feeling you are verylike beauty girl and gay.
Also can join it.
But I need to tell you, Philosopher is not assame as gay.
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Gifas byKota
ENB for subsurface shader
Luxury Collection
HDT Physics Extensions
Eyes of Beauty
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
KS Hair byKaliliesStealthicKhaos & Shocky
EnhancedCharacterEdit byECE team
Race Menu  by  Expired
Clother Support for Picture  by Bloody Bird (QQ: 65150569 )
*If I forgot anyone; please kindly remind me*
This follower is the combination of the work of others.  
Pleaseobtain their permissions in addition to mine.