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This mod attempts to add lots of ground over and different grass types to your game world. Lots of grass variety that you could get lost in.

Permissions and credits

None of the meshes or textures are made by me. I used TES5Edit to make the changes to the grasses. I do NOT know how to use CK and CK doesn't seem to start up for me anyway.
Don't ask for grasses on roads to be taken out or for compatibility with other mods.
Chances are I don't use them or you can have my mod here overwrite them.

I know grasses will be in a few odd places. IF I take them out then you will lose more grass density in forested areas where I want the grasses. Just deal with it or make some CK edits to the land itself.
I don't mind you uploading your own fixes for roads or homes for this mod. Go ahead, do what you do.

I would like to thank these following mod authors:
-Josh Ezzel

Give these authors some kudos for their work. All I did was put together an Esp and edit what they have already done.

Expect a slightly higher performance hit than my previous mod Viscous Grasses. I have my grass density set to 60 and (that's the lowest I recommend anyone) I lose maybe 4-7 frames at most. to where for viscous I lost maybe 2-5 frames with the same grass density value.


Voluptuous Grasses

This is a complete overhaul of Viscous Grasses. I redid all of the grass types for each area. I combined the short grasses, undergrowth, and rocks to have a better ground cover effect and make everything seem more believable. added more windspeed effect for a lot of the taller thinner looking grasses to better simulate that they do get thrashed around in the slightest breeze. I hope you guys enjoy this grass mod.
Hopefully I can get this stuff compressed and merged for more people to use it easier. That will take time though.

It seems my grasses may be dark for some ENBs. So try and keep that in mind when using this grass mod.


  • Download this mod with your mod manager and allow it to do it's thing.
  • If you are manually downloading then go ahead and drop the contents into your skyrim data folder. Be sure that you do not have any grass mods or grass related textures and meshes in your game.

Required mod for better tundra with my mod
Pick and choose one mod for this:

Septentrional Landscapes- This mod right here is has by far one of the best Green tundra textures on the nexus. If you want to run this grass mod then I suggest going for this if you want some really good quality texture details in your landscape.

Total Tundra Texture Transplant- This mod makes the landscape blend better with my green tundra. Give the author some kudos and an endorsement for this mod.
Load Order

-Random Mod.esp

-Other Random Mod.esp

-Tamriel Realoaded Flora.esp<--This MUST stay ABOVE my VoluptuousGrasses.esp Because it is a master file of my main Esp

-VoluptuousGrasses.esp<--This MUST stay BELOW the Tamriel Reloaded Flora.esp I edited

-Some important mod like DynDoLOD

(well this is how mine are set)


(Important values)


You can go as low as 50 if you want. But it shouldn't be necessary for most users. I stay at 60 myself. Then again I don't really play the game anymore.

For anyone interested in my ENB just click THIS and go check it out. Its the most recent update I did for SnowFall weathers.

Do NOT mix this grass mod with any other. It wont break your game but it will cause tons of grass issues. I switched some grass texture's names around.