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  1. Heeppie
    • member
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    The Dwemers were the GREATEST masters of their craft!! Thank you so much for this mod!! It's a pity there are too few destination points.

    P.S. I also love Ja'wa the follower very much!
  2. Alexarius87
    • member
    • 75 posts
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    This ship is awesome and my technomancer is still salivating.

    I kept exploring it for over an hour just to check everythign I could have missed, I think that there is no smelter (and it's a shame because as much as how beatuiful is traveling with this jewel I still need to load ores and go to a city) and yeah the single only bed had me a bit let down because I had my follower with me and wanted to share :P

    Still one of the best dwemer mods out there.
  3. SunGuardian1
    • member
    • 108 posts
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    Fantastic mod & great work to all the developers involved. I love ruling the skies of Tamriel in my Dwemer Death Star  
  4. dwarfgh
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    For all of you Star Trek Enterprise Fans It looks like the Xindi Weapon!!
  5. Zerzavy
    • member
    • 160 posts
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    all this mod does is give me a white screen of death. Unplayable... SMH
  6. jaderiver
    • member
    • 15,568 posts
    • 99 kudos
    Hello Haem projects team
    This is extremely impressive, but being a collector, ( cant be helped , I'm afraid) is there anywhere to diplay such items claws, , uniques n such ?
    Brilliant peice of work, both this and AHO
  7. shotblocker24
    • member
    • 85 posts
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    Great mod, but what the f*** are you doing here? DOWNLOAD THE FULL PROJECT AHO!
    1. jaderiver
      • member
      • 15,568 posts
      • 99 kudos
      Because no one may want to and just wants this, or may not have the room, its great to have a choice of the two either just this or this And aho..
  8. mixzoplex
    • member
    • 17 posts
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    Amazing mod. Used this version because of plugin space. Just one problem. Found a bug thats super annoying. Every time I leave or enter the ship I get locked out of the items menu and a white screen. The workaround is to go through another loading door. I usually teleport to myself. Fixes the problem right away. It also appears as a thin film of smoke sometimes (same smoke from the game intro and menu screen). Played around with the load order to no resolve. I'm using Tetrachromatic ENB. This problem happens every time I leave or enter the ship without fail
      • member
      • 180 posts
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      confirmed, this happened to me as well and i commented in the bug report section, i can reproduce this bug repeatedly, apparently the author never got enough info. to fix the issue, or another mod is causing this and it's hard to pin down, not sure what the issue is here
  9. AsurasWraith
    • member
    • 79 posts
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    Love the style and everything. But whenever i enter or leave, my screen turns very dark and i can see the smoke/fog that appears when the game is in the loading screen. The game continues but its very dark and blurry. Any fix on this?
  10. mcllulen
    • member
    • 92 posts
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    I love this Mod to death, but i cant help but feel like my dwemer character would get a little fed up with walking everywhere from the various ruins, and whilst this ship is not something youd want just sitting anywhere, i do wish there were a few more locations for it
    Edit: corrected a spelling mistake i somehow missed