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Men that die on battlefields usually can't peacefully accept their fate and will remain haunting the battlefields as ghosts. But when powerfull necromancers see this as an opportunity things can turn really dangerous, when these powerfull mages use dark magic to turn the enraged soldier ghosts into war revenants to serve them as obedient golens.

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Men that die on battlefields usually can not peacefully accept their fate, and will remain haunting the
battlefields as ghosts, and later, when their minds start to decay, wraiths. But, when powerfull necromancers
see this as an opportunity, things can turn really really dangerous, when these powerfull mages use dark
magic to turn the enraged soldier ghosts into war revenants in order to obediently  serve them.

Amongst this kind of minion, Corrupted Shades are the lowest, and are just the evilness of a single lesser
soldier pulled out of his faded body and strayed soul, and shaped in the world as a semi-independent
and almost non-sentient dark figure, but the dark masters can create much more terrible things.

By this powerfull magic the Wraith Knights come to be, they're demons of war, horse-size golems constructed
with pieces of armor and bones of the dead, animated by a soul of a captain, tribune or other high
ranked combatant, and strengthened with the power of the souls of various other dead soldiers, they
are bloodlust and hatred in condensed form according to who fighted them in haunted battlefields.
These wraiths are completely protected by heavy armor and a large shield.

A adventurer should first force them to expose themselves, knocking away their shields and grinding down their armor. The best chance to wound the creature comes when the Wraith Knight charges. One should evade the attack and lunge at its "unprotected" back. The monsters are slow in the battle, but with extremely powerfull blows, so in direct combat one needs to weaken them methodically with strong weapon strikes, and then finish them off.
In life, Wraith Knights were high ranked combatants, and in death they retain their proficiency in combat, so one needs to defend himself against their blows with extreme care. They also retain more independence and sentience than the corrupted shades, but are still under the control of the necromancers who raised them.

The Legion, as the name says, is also a gigantic arch-wraith, a dread golem-like beast, born from a large number of damned soldier souls, trapped on shells created from the remnants of arms and armor, machines and corpses, destroyed in combat and torn apart by scavengers. They are in flame, and use powerfull greatswords and towershields made of warfare remains, being the leader on the battlefield above the corrupted shades and wraith knights. The soul on command on the mind of the golem is the soul of a high commander, general or legate, and he  still scream orders in battle, including when no ones is there to listen to them, what indicates the lives in a state of half-madness, like every wraith. Probably Legions are the more independent and sentient of them all, but are still manipulated by who raised them. Also, commonly when both leaders from both sides of the battle die, the golem is created with both souls in command, what makes the beast yet more unstable and dangerous.

The war revenants are mythical creatures, straight from ancient legends of heroes and epic deeds. When the hero enters the burning hells to rescue his beloved, or when he has to avenge his father's death, the war revenants are often his opponent. Why are poets so keen to cast this monsters as the arch-enemies? Well, the Legion is a wraith, so it fits any dark story featuring a curse or vengeance from the beyond. There's no telling how what it actually looks like, so its terrifying visage can be described in many ways without risking accusation of confabulation. Furthermore, it is a powerful creature, a king of the damned, so it makes an ideal villain. As an arch-wraith, the Legion never stoops to doing anything with its own hands. It has lackeys for that, always wraiths, corrupted shades, ghosts or other restless spirits. Having been a king or a commander in life, the Legion retains its charisma in death, and its deathly subordinates always blindly obey its orders. Thus one needs to exterminate all manner servants on the way to its underground palace, wilderness keep or other foreboding abode. Only then can one face the Legion itself.

That's literary tradition for you. The Legion can be described in various ways, as has been said, but is always a lethal foe. Forget its huge strength, invulnerability to pain, fearlessness and bloodlust. As with every wraith, there is some tragic event connected to it, forcing the creature to remain among the living. The Legion is untouchable, unreachable for anyone who is not a true fighter. That is why the mythical hero has to get involved in various brawls and pass through many trials. By overcoming these obstacles, he enters the Legion's throne and becomes worthy of facing the monstrosity. The wraiths' leader is so powerful that it mocks simple warriors and mages tricks.

A big battle happened in the small village of Grasmere, close to Swindler's Den, between Imperials and the embryonic group of rebelds that would become the Stormcloaks years later, in 4E 180 (21 years before the events of TES5). The city was friendly to the ideals of that proto-stormcloaks, and the regent was giving the place as base of operations to them. In the confrontation the city was destroyed, many stormcloak soldiers died, alongside the regent and his knights. Many citizens also perished, and many imperial attackers too. In the end, the village was completely ruined. What is known is that after that the location remained haunted for many years, the corpses of the fallen were ripped appart by scavangers and the ruins sacked by pillagers, untill the arrival of powerfull necromancers, that started to raise the remains and enslave the damned souls of the soldiers. The evilness on the soldiers was pulled out and shaped into corrupted shades (the imperial ones roaming in the entrance areas of the dungeon, and the stormcloak ones on the deeper areas), the regent high soldiers were turned into wraith knights, while the regent himself became the Legion. The souls of citizens and soldiers were turned in batteries for wraith knights and the legion themselves. A great undead army was raised on that haunted ruins, for reasons unknown.

- 2 new undead golem:
Legion and Wraith Knight

- they have new sounds, behaviour, magic

- more usage of corrupted shades

- new destroyed village (Grasmere)
and new dungeon (Grasmere Keep)

- 2 new greatswords and 2 new tower shields

1 new spell to summon Wraith Knight

- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

- KNOWN ISSUE- Sometimes the Legion does not speak the first battle line before entering the battle. The subtittle appears, but not the sound, i don't know why, but its also not a problem. If that happens, if you want you can reload the save untill the sound of the line appears, but this really changes nothing at all, and all the other lines during battle will be said no matters if the first was said or not.


Mihail- re-modeling and mounting of the various model parts (wood, iron plates,
bone, etc) in order to create the forms of the golems they have in this mod (including
the weapons and shields), animations, effects, sounds, concept and creation of the
ruins of Grasmere and dungeon of Grasmere Keep, game implementation

Voice acting:

Amin Khani- writing and dubbing of the Legion lines

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

- original golens model parts and textures, weapons and shields
Bensound- dungeon boss fight soundtrack