About this mod

Merge of many ClefJ Mods to save Plugin space

Permissions and credits

I represent to you, a Merge from ClefJs amazing Mod Collection!
To save myself Plugin space I came up with this Idea and thanks to ClefJ, I can share it with you all.


I don't know anything about City building, so if there's any issue like missing textures or NPC problem, I can't really help you.
I did clean the Mod/s with TES5Edit.
So far I did not run into any Major problems myself.

:About the Mods:
Most Infos you'll find on the Mod pages!

Left Hand Crossing - Incompatible with Silverstead, Player home
ClefJ's Karthwasten-Experimental - No requirements, Player home
ClefJ's Rorikstead - Incompatible with any major exterior mod to Rorikstead, Player home
ClefJ's Dragon Bridge - Incompatible with mods that change the exterior of Dragon Bridge, Player home
Anga's Mill-ClefJ Edition - Incompatible with any mod that might modify the immediate region of Anga's Mill
ClefJ's Half-Moon Mill - Certainly Not Compatible with major town modifications in this zone, including the lovely Wolvenna's Half-Moon Vampire Town. 
- Certain player homes are compatible, such as those outside the creek's bridge, like Half-Moon Chalet. Player home
Diamond Bluff Settlement - Incompatible with any mod that might modify the exterior of the Solitude Lighthouse are, Player home
ClefJ's Shor's Stone -  Incompatible with anything that modifying the Shor's Stone cells might be hurtful, as the walls made encompass the whole town, Player home
ClefJ's Darkwater Crossing - Known Conflicts with Mods that edit the cells immediately around Darkwater Crossing, such as the Fort Darkwater file
- Some clipping with the carriage from Better Fast Travel
- The quest/spell mod Spectraverse has a location dependency that this town blocks. Turning the mod on/off to complete this part of Spectraverse solved it for me, Player home
Kynesgrove and Heldenloft - Incompatible with Nernies Village and Town Expansion, along with other mods that modify Kynesgrove, I imagine won't work so well with this unfortunately. There is a dungeon work in progess in the Steamscorch Mine, but it isn't connected atm and should be revisited later. Player home 


All DLC's, many of his Mods use at least one DLC


Full credits to ClefJ
Thanks to matortheeternal for Merge Plugins
Skyrim by Bethesda